How to withdraw money from
Learn how to transfer money from to your bank account

Did you sell your cryptocurrency and want to know to transfer your money to your bank account? Learn how to transfer from, read further.

How to withdraw money from

  1. Open your app
  2. Assuming that you have linked your withdraw bank account to your app. Click on transfer which is placed right below your crypto account balance. (steps on linking your bank account below)
  3. You will see a pop up at the bottom of your screen which gives options to ‘deposit’ or ‘withdraw’.
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  5. Click on ‘Withdraw’
  6. Next you will view two options ‘Crypto’ and ‘Fiat’.
  7. Choose ‘Fiat’ option with a description ‘Withdraw Fiat to your bank account’
  8. Next you have the option to choose your currency
  9. Once you have chosen your desired option, you can go ahead and fill in how much you would like to withdraw.
  10. After you have entered in your amount you can click on the button ‘Withdraw’ with the amount beside it.
  11. You can view the amount withdrawn on the confirmation screen right after. It shows you the fees (if there are any), recipient, processing time and finally the total amount withdrawn.

Keep in mind that there are restrictions on the amount of money you can withdraw per month which is about $50,000 and a lower of $100. If you enter in an amount lower that the limit then they will notify you that it is below their limit.

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Link your deposit account to your

if you haven’t already linked your deposit account, here’s how:

  1. Click on ‘Transfer’.
  2. You will be given 2 options, either withdraw of deposit.
  3. Click on ‘Deposit’
  4. As you are transferring money from your bank account to you will choose ‘Fiat’
  5. Choose the currency you will be transferring
  6. You will be given the option to either wire the money of use your bank account. There are no fees involved if you use your bank directly but it may take a few business days to transfer. On the other hand if you use the wire transfer option the transfer will be immediate but they may charge you a fee.
  7. Choosing the wire transfer option you will have a limit of $5,000 to $100,000.
  8. Choosing the bank transfer option, you will be given the routing number and the crypto account number which you will have to provide to your bank account.

Provide the information given to you on your Crypto app to your bank account apps to successfully link your bank account to the crypto app. Read more on how to link your bank account  to here.