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How Updating Old Content Can Boost Your Traffic

Those who run a blog tend to focus on creating some brand new content. But it’s not the only strategy that can drive traffic to your website. There is another tactic that is often underused which can help you bring new visitors to your web resource. Though you may be surprised, this is updating your old posts. You might not realize that you usually sit on a goldmine of old content that has the potential to shine again. So instead of looking for new ideas, you can just refresh your posts and outshine the competition. In fact, older articles can even become the main source of traffic.

Why reviving old content boosts rankings

Rejuvenating old content can be beneficial for your website in many ways. First of all, it helps to boost traffic and ranking of your blog. In addition, updates not only increase traffic but also provide an opportunity to increase conversions rates. Secondly, it is a time-saving practice of updating your website. You shouldn’t spend many resources and make a non-stop effort to create a constant flow of new posts. Instead, you can refresh old articles and get the same results. This way, working smarter, not harder will free up your time.

Moreover, updating website content creates a better user experience. Your readers will be satisfied with the latest information you provide so you can build reader loyalty. If you regularly refresh the content on your blog, you can maintain brand consistency. Naturally, your business evolves over time, so your online presence should be on-brand too.
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Make It Easy to Digest

Make sure that your visitors can easily digest your content. Present your articles the way they can be easily read by using appropriate layout, design, and formatting. Try to keep things short, so your readers won’t get scared away with a sea of text. Break up writing with short paragraphs of 3-5 sentences and subtitles, so the text can be skimmed.

Use engaging headlines as this is the most compelling piece of your content. They must be interesting and catchy to draw the reader’s attention. Make your headlines precise and actionable. Besides, creating good SEO blog posts is impossible without adding numbered and bulleted lists to emphasize critical pieces of information.
Update Your Visuals

One of the best ways to update old blog posts is by inserting videos or images related to the topic of your article. Also, if you add a YouTube video to your blog post that is already getting some type of traffic, you can increase the amount of time that visitors stay on your page which is beneficial for Google ranking.

You can even create a video version of a high traffic blog post and upload it to YouTube to expand the reach of your content. Also, updating the alt text of your images can improve both the accessibility of your blog post and your SEO image. Remember that good alt text should be descriptive and remain under 125 characters.

Optimize it with the right keywords

To drive traffic from your old content, you should optimize it with new keywords. Identify the keywords that could help boost organic traffic by daily rank tracking with the help of tools like Google Search Console, or Ahrefs and make needed SEO updates. You can do it by adding new sections to the post, updating imagery, or rewording headings. It doesn’t require much effort but a few strategically placed keywords can really do the trick. Also note, that it’s much better to target keywords with low search volumes that have a chance to rank in Google than to target those with high volumes that will never rank.

Add the current year to the heading tag

Another strategy that will indicate to both readers and Google that the blog is recently updated is adding the current year to the heading tag. There is evidence that titles with the year in them usually have a higher click-through rate, so it’s important to include the newer date into the heading.

Do Additional Outreach

Consider repromoting your ‘old’ blog posts. Once you fully refurbish your articles, make sure you spend appropriate time promoting them. If your updated article has new keywords, a link profile, and added sections, don’t be afraid to promote it again through outreach.

Drive Social Traffic to the Post
As with any new post, spread the word about your updated content. You can share it on your social accounts or even invest in some paid promotion. It will definitely help you get new eyes on the article and give it an extra boost.

According to the data from HubSpot, nearly 76% of their blog views, and 92% of their leads, come from posts that are older than a month. Likewise, marketing experts from Databox found out that almost half of the analyzed blogs receive up to 80% of their traffic from older posts. As you see, when it comes to SEO, new is not always better. If your blog needs a boost, consider updating old content. If it’s done correctly, a content update can help you improve traffic results, keep your target audience engaged, and show search engines that your website is worthy of a higher ranking.



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