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Apple’s first Arm-based MacBook line-up launch: Live Blog Updates

Apple 'One More Thing' Event

Source: CNet

Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event will be Live very soon and the technology giant is expected to launch this year’s  most anticipated product, Apple’s latest MacBook computers powered by home-built Silicon chips. Today will embark the beginning of the end for Apple’s long-lasted relationship with Intel.

The biggest highlight of today’s Apple event will be the new Apple Arm-based Chipsets. The company previously announced that it will conclude the forever-lasted relationship with Intel by the year 2022.

There have been a lot of speculations about “Airpods Studio”, let us see if we get a glimpse of that in today’s event.

Apple will begin the ‘One More Thing’ event at 11:30 PM IST and for all the tech-geeks out there, you can catch the Live event highlights on TechStory, so stay-tuned for more updates.

12:15 AM:  End of Live Event: Tim Cook promises better experiences in 2021

New Experiences

Source: Apple Event

12:12 AM: MacBook Air, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro with M1 Chip, available for pre-order-Starting Today!

MacOS Big Sur will be available this Friday!

MacBook Air, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro

Source: Apple Event

 12: 06 AM: New Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch powered by M1 Chip, announced!

The sleek and portable MacBook Pro provides 5X better graphics and is 3X faster than any other 3-Pound laptop. The Neural Engine provides 11X faster Machine Learning performance. An active cooling system serves for an amazing 20 hours of video playback and provides the longest battery life ever in a Mac.

Mind blowing leaps in performance by the MacBook pro 13-inch is packed in the same $1299 pick-up price!

Ultimate impression of what the new M1 Chip can do!

Apple MacBook Pro

Source: Apple Event

12:01 AM: Apple announces new Mac Mini

Users love Mac Mini’s versatility and now it is introduced with Apple’s latest M1 Chip. 8-core GPU gives Mac Mini a six-fold graphic boost. Mac Mini is just 1/10th the size of any other CPU and provides 5 times better performance.

Apple’s Neural Engine comes to the new Mac Mini. The Cool and quite Mac Mini comes with 6K resolution.

The most versatile Mac Mini starts at just $699.

Apple Mac Mini

Source: Apple Event

 11:54 PM: The new MacBook Air with M1 Chip announced!

The most popular 13-inch MacBook with the sleek wedge-shaped design is now powered by Apple’s latest Arm-based M1 Chip. Turn your Air into mobile Photo Studio, company claims 5 times higher graphic performance. The new MacBook Air is 30% faster than the best-selling Windows Laptop.

MacBook Air is silent! 18 hours of video playback, highest performance boost, long battery life and new image processing: All of that, without a Fan!

Air includes Touch ID and enables smooth & secure payments with Apple Pay.

Apple Air with M1 Chip Starts at $999!

Apple MacBook Air

Source: Apple Event

 11:45 PM: MacOS Big Sur: Feature Packed!

MacOS Big Sur is engineered to the core; all Apple applications run super-efficient with the latest M1 Chip and feature packed MacOS Big Sur. Incredible technology that enables users to run universal apps- One application can run on all Intel-based and M1 chip-based Macs.

M1 scales up the architecture and users will be able to install and use all iPhone App Store applications on their latest M1 powered MacBook devices.

Apple is transitioning!

MacOS Big Sur

Source: Apple Event

 11: 36 PM: Next Generation of MacBook: Apple’s M1 Chip announced!

Apple announces it’s latest Apple M1 Chip. The first computer chip based on 5 Nano-meter architecture, a massive 16 billion transistor set. The Apple silicon maximizes efficiency with significantly higher performance than any other MacBook. A fast GPU and powerful custom-technology, Machine learning accelerators with 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU.

The best chip ever created by Apple. A profound chip upgrade!

Apple M1 Chip

Source: Apple Event

11:30 PM: Apple ‘One More Thing’ is Live with Tim Cook

Tim Cook talks about this year’s ‘One More Thing’ being all about the MacBook, how it changed the world. A pre-cap on this year’s latest Apple Products.

Tim Cook

Source: Apple Event



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