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Here’s a Comprehensive Guide to Install a Solar Inverter System

Solar power has emerged as one of the few sustainable alternate sources of energy that can be easily scaled down for use in your homes. In a country like India, that is blessed with an abundance of sunlight, solar energy can be the solution to sky-high bills as well as the power outages that plague our cities and villages. The fact that it also helps the environment is an added bonus to sweeten the deal. With solar inverter price coming down over the years, there has never been a better time to switch to solar energy. 


Image Courtesy: Luminous

One of the main aspects of getting the sun to power your homes is a solar inverter. It helps convert the energy that the solar panels gather into usable energy for your appliances. Market leaders like Luminous offer a wide range of solar inverters with features like fast charging, easy to read display screens that are compatible with both the 12 V and the 24V panels. Their solar inverter price is also the best in class, making this a win-win situation for both you and the environment. 

What Are the Things You Need for The Installation?

The installation of a solar inverter is not a complex process and can be easily done. You can even convert your normal inverter into one powered by solar panels with little to no change in the wiring. Some of the things that you require other than the solar panels to make this a smooth process are a flat head screwdriver, a plier, a MC4 branch connector, a solar lead acid battery, an MCB box with a 40 Amp DC MCB. Also, add to the mix a solar cable, a compass, a wire cutter, a battery jumper cable, and of course, the solar inverter, and you are set for installation. 

Before buying an inverter, make sure you check the solar inverter price to get the best value for money. 

How Do I Install the Inverter? 

  •  Install the Solar Panels on Your Roof First 

Before the solar inverter can work its magic, you need to identify where and how many solar panels you will require. Bear in mind that the area you choose will need to be away from shade so that it is in the best spot to absorb sunlight. Typically, a south-facing structure gives the best results. 

You will also need to adjust the solar panels at the right tilt angle to position them in a prime spot to absorb the sun’s energy. This depends on where you stay in the country. 

  • Solar Panels Electrical Connections 

Connect the two main wires to the connector box and then move onto the MCB box placed on the wall. Here, install the 40 Amp double-pole DC MCB box. Connect the solar panels to this box, ensuring that the MCB box is switched off. Finish the electrical system by connecting the solar panel wires to the inverter. The more the number of solar panels it supports, the higher will be the solar inverter price. Make sure you get one that fits your needs. 

  • Battery Connection to the Solar inverter

Make sure you use battery jointers for this step to connect the two batteries. Make the required electrical connections and switch the inverter to tubular mode. With such ease in installations and the economical solar inverter price, there is no reason not to opt for solar power. 

  • Main Connection and Output Connection

In the last step, connect the inverters mains to the main AC socket. This socket is then connected to the MCB box. The inverter is now set up for use, and both the panels and the inverter system can be switched on to provide solar power to your house. 

Established brands like Luminous give you an array of products for all your needs and load requirements. Their products, like the Solar NXG system range, take about 100 square feet and can be easily installed to power your home. Along with the most competitive solar inverter price, these products can help you save about 30% on your electricity bills. Not only this, but they also offer power savings of up to 3 units per day with their Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique. 

Solar energy is clean, efficient, easy to install, and cuts down on your electricity bills. With solar inverter price falling, this energy mode has found many takers who are benefiting from the freedom from electrical systems that are prone to faults and glitches. 



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