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How Will The Metaverse Affect Gambling?

image: Ridotto

The Metaverse and its effects on the future of gambling, is something that has been discussed and speculated as of late. While many believe the Metaverse is an entirely new concept, gambling was in fact, on the frontier of virtual space before it actually became a ‘thing’. With real-time virtual gambling having been around for many years now, gambling is believed to be one of the first industries to really push the boundaries of gambling, and we are about to tell you why.

With many online casinos slowly integrating into web 3.0, including technologies like Blockchain, it is anticipated that even the most up and coming online casinos are simmering with new possibilities for their user experience in relation to the Metaverse. Casino Online In is here to help players find the best online casino in India and lists casinos that are pretty much on the frontier of the Blockchain and Metaverse tech space. With the Metaverse moving ever so quickly, you will find many casinos are progressing rather quickly, to ensure the latest technologies are met to meet the demands of the market today. But of course, the question is, how far is the Metaverse changing the gambling industry as we know it?

The Metaverse and Online Gambling 

The online gambling space opened their virtual doors back in the late 90s, when Microgaming pioneered the possibility of online casino games. Called the Gaming Club, this opportunity presented a way for gamblers to enjoy gambling from the safe space of the internet. While it is a squabble as to who really came first, Microgaming pretty much took the crown due to their consistent contributions to the field of virtual space. Not only did they invent online casinos, live casino games, now their latest designs coincide with the metaverse even more so. VR technology was first presented in all its glory by Microgaming, and due to this innovation over two years ago, gamblers can now dream of the possibilities of logging into their favourite live casino events and tournaments, from the convenience of their home.

While this concept is still very much under development, some casinos and poker series tournaments from around the world have already begun to host events to gamblers. All that is needed is a ticket, and you’re literally through those virtual doors. While the idea of the Metaverse is very much revolutionary in the way we gamble online, many concepts are still under wraps, and have therefore not been released to public knowledge yet. But it does make us wonder…

It is believed that casino game developers like Microgaming and Playtech for example, will push the immersive and interactive experience of online gambling even more. It will not just be the gaming side of the experience that can be experienced in real time, but the actual hustle and bustle of the experience, from the moment you walk in the door. Hey, even aspects like collecting your chips in exchange from winning cash to interactions with other players at the virtual casino will be possible. With the current progression of live casinos, it doesn’t truly seem like a huge leap of faith, does it?

Player Reality 

Rumours online are that gamblers will be able to create 3D real-life avatar representations of themselves (similar to the Wii avatar maker for example), to represent themselves when they are entering the Metaverse and gambling at casino tournaments and so on, meaning you would be able to witness the interaction between characters on a casino table, as  they execute gaming and placing bets. Despite this being seen as simple gaming specialties that we see in everyday gaming, having to mimic real time live movement, will definitely take a little bit of work to perfect. But it is with every confidence that this would just happen to be the next step in the gambling space. If sports boxing tournaments can take place and virtually interact live in the moment, gambling shouldn’t be too hard of a goal, should it?

Of course, all of these predictions are not set in stone, yet. However, with so many industries making the Metaverse as they like it to be, it would make complete sense that other industries would follow and mimic the same technologies, by adapting them to their niche. With gambling however, everything is already changing as we know it. With many transactions being moved towards blockchain and cryptocurrency, the metaverse and its possibilities for player interaction, only seem like the next natural step. Gambling is half-way there already.