‘I took 10-day digital detox’: Salesforce CEO after firing employees
The source also claims that he hosted an online work meeting after the reductions when he spoke for almost 2 hours.

Salesforce, a software corporation, stated in January 2023 that 10 percent of its workers would be let go. Roughly 7,000 individuals have been impacted by the choice as a consequence.

On February 3, it was announced that a number of staff discovered they had been let go by the firm. Approximately 4,000 individuals were reported to have left Salesforce’s Slack channel within only two days, as per reports. According to sources, Salesforce had 73,541 employees as of the start of 2022.

Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, told NYT he took a digital detox in the wake of layoffs beginning at the company.Reuters/Mike Blake

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, declared the layoffs. A 10-day digital detox that included a vacation to French Polynesia was how Benioff faced the burden of dismissing employees, he disclosed in a conversation with The New York Times.

In an interview with The New York Times, Marc Benioff stated that following the announcement of the Salesforce reductions, he traveled to French Polynesia for a 10-day “digital detox.”

Giving up using electronic gadgets and social networking sites for a set amount of time is referred to as a “digital detox.”

“We’re so addicted to our devices (at least I am) that it’s very freeing to leave them all behind for a while!” Benioff told The New York Times over text.

The source also claims that he hosted an online work meeting after the reductions when he spoke for almost 2 hours. The gathering was considered a “bad idea,” Marc Benioff said, “We were trying to explain the inexplicable.”

He added, “It’s hard to have a call like that with such a large group and have it be effective, and we’ve paid the price for that.”

While announcing layoffs, Marc Benioff sent a letter to employees that read, “The environment remains challenging and our customers are taking a more measured approach to their purchasing decisions.

“For those who will be leaving Salesforce, our priority is to fully support them, including by offering a generous package. In the U.S., affected employees will receive a minimum of nearly five months of pay, health insurance, career resources, and other benefits to help with their transition. Those outside the U.S. will receive a similar level of support, and our local processes will align with employment laws in each country.”

In addition to Salesforce, numerous other technology companies, notably Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Twitter, Wipro, Philips, and eBay, stated that they would be reducing their staff in an attempt to save money to withstand the current economic storm.