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IAF to Soon Employ AI-Assisted Next-Gen Technologies


Indian Air Force (IAF) is all set to harness artificial intelligence to enhance and sharpen its air warfare techniques. According to the IAF Chief, artificial intelligence can transform the way wars are fought.

Indian Air Force would now use artificial intelligence-assisted next-gen technologies to facilitate threat monitoring especially in the captive networks of IAF. This includes the current network upgrades, according to Chief Marshal R.K.S Bhaduria (IAF Chief).

AI in Combat

According to the reports from the IAF chief, the use of artificial intelligence in combat might require that certain traditional principles be abandoned or at least redefined to fit the altered environment. Different nations perceive threat and security in their own unique ways, in accordance with years of experience and these would require solutions that are tailor-made to fit their respective situations.

This is where the use of artificial intelligence proves to be of benefit. Artificial intelligence is capable of confirming that the solutions used are best suited for a particular situation, through impeccable logical models. This way AI can prove to be a game-changer in air warfare.

The IAF chief also remarked that they “have already started their work on AI-based formulation so as to come out with predictive maintenance or predictive threat scenario.” Even the management of the inventory of IAF has been computerized and digitized to fit the changing environment.

Applications based on artificial intelligence are being tested on various projects which are at different stages of development.

The training strategies are also being enhanced with the backing of artificial intelligence. Effectiveness is taken up a notch with the help of data recorders example that is, “being used to identify outliers in pilot performance, be it in operations, exercises using AI techniques to determine the strong and weak points in terms of maneuvering or overall orientation, etc,” according to the chief.

In order to derive maximum success from the technology used, it is necessary to decide when the system must be controlled by humans. This decision requires a good blend of technological logic and reasoning. This is because of the fact that humans are more suited for problem-solving while AI systems work better in situations where there are high correlations and underlying patterns.




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