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If Cows Are Fitted With VR Headsets & Virtual Sent To A Relaxing Place Can Help To Increase Milk Production, Says Experiments
Researchers say that creating a relaxing environment with VR headsets make the cows relax and give them sunny views of green pastures during the summer, here is what the experiment resulted too

People might assume it to come from a bizarre futuristic film set, RusMoloko Milk Farm near Moscow in Russia. The cows here are allegedly roaming with VR headphones.

But the VR guns are not advocates for video. According to a press release from the Moscow Ministry of Agriculture and Food, these dairy cows were specially made to make them relax in order to yield more milk.

That’s at least what the Moscow Ministry of Agriculture and Food press release has announced. Yet some grounds for being cynical have turned out.

How VR headsets can be an important tool for improving efficiency?

How VR headsets can be an important tool for improving efficiency?

How VR headsets can be an important tool for improving efficiency?

As many outlets (including fascinating engineering) have confirmed, IT experts and industry leaders in milk processing are working together to find a high-tech solution to the pressing problem of declining milk demand. This was an augmented world where cows would see a ‘single summer field simulation program.’ Cows are poorly perceived as being deep, according to Agricultural Safety and Health.

The VR landscape produced by cows had to take their higher perception of the red, but the lower perception of blues and greens into consideration. Researchers considered what led to the healthy emotional state for cows in order to create the simulation. They looked around the world at milk farms and noticed that there was a calm environment that created more milk.

These VR guns were carefully built along with veterinarians by the developers in a VR studio. The traditionally human-fitting VR guns have been modified to function for cows because of the anatomical characteristics of the cows’ heads. Experts report that the cows, after wearing their headsets, showed a reduction in fear and increased overall mood of the flock.

Today, the farm ranks among Russia’s top three leading dairy producers. All of this sounds nearly too real. In fact, new information about the exciting “full research” is almost impossible to find.

Dairy Global, which reports that RusMoloko was expanding by 2020, did not have VR headsets. The most recent details appear to be in Dairy Global. Currently, they reportedly didn’t exist at all. Elena Firsova spokeswoman for RusMoloko told Dairy Global “RusMoloko has little in common with the news about how they use VR to monitor the attitude of cows.

Nevertheless, science is sound – happy cows yield higher quality milk than VR. For instance, farmers install rotating brushes in cows’ stalls in some US dairy farms that provide an alternative to animal massage. Farmers in Europe use robotic systems to allow cows to travel more freely and more widely.

And in Russia, classical music is played in some farms by speakers around the farm, which soothes the cows. These are all strategies seen to encourage the cows to relax and provide more milk. However, it looks like we are far from seeing flocks of cattle, cows’ herds, and swine are ringing with VR weapons.

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