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iMobie’s DroidKit: The Ultimate Android Solution
World's First Solution to Recover Data, Fix System Issues, and Solve Any Android Problem from One Place


iMobie Released DroidKit.

A smartphone is the most essential piece of technology that everyone requires today, period! This is a fact and nothing can change it. People use their smartphones for everything these days, from using them to send emails to watching content on Netflix and YouTube, a smartphone is one device that has replaced the need to have a TV, have an MP3 player, and a desktop in some way as well. Everything can be done on a smartphone and nothing can be done without one.

Android is the most popular and the most hardware-compatible mobile Operating System in the industry and almost all mobile manufacturers run Android, except for, of course, Apple’s iPhone.

The fact that Android is an open-source mobile OS, it is most common for Android users to have encountered situations where their device suddenly stops working, the screen gets broken, the smartphone gets water damaged or they forgot their passwords, and the smartphone gets locked. What do you do in such situations? 

Well! first things first, we can always purchase another Android smartphone if the existing one gets broken but the most important thing is “data”. Honestly, it is the most painful feeling to have no access to your smartphone data when a user faces such situations with their Android devices on daily basis. A damaged smartphone could cost you all your personal data including photos, videos, contacts, messages, WhatsApp messages, and much more.

What if I tell you that there is a number 1 solution to all your Android-related issues, be it recovering data from a broken Android smartphone, fixing system issues, or solving any other problem such as a broken screen or locked Android smartphone?

Don’t believe me, try out iMobie’s DroidKit.

iMobie’s DroidKit: The complete Android solution to recover lost data, remove lock screen, bypass FRP lock, and fix all of your Android system issues

iMobie’s DroidKit is the ultimate Android solution for all your problems, the perfect tool for you to recover all of your personal data from a broken or locked Android smartphone. No matter if your Android device is stuck on the system logo or it is showing a black screen, iMobie’s DroidKit is one place for all of your fixes.

Why iMobie’s DroidKit?

  • Recover lost photos, messages, WhatsApp chats, and more without rooting your Android device.
  • Clear system junk to speed up your Android device, just like it’s brand new again.
  • Remove lock screen from Android smartphones and bypass Samsung FRP lock.
  • Fix all Android system issues including reinstallation and upgradation of the Operating System.
  • All of this with just a few simple clicks, no complications! 

iMobie’s DroidKit: Features

There are multiple software packages available on the internet that provide Android solutions such as data recovery and Android system fixes but all of them either require complicated registrations or paid sign-ups, while some are free but offer unlimited ads that may end up destroying your data permanently.

You don’t want this!

iMobie’s DroidKit has been the number 1 choice of millions of users across the globe and it is the world’s first solution to recover data, fix system issues, and solve any Android problem from one place.


Source: DroidKit

iMobie’s DroidKit offers the following features:

  1. Recover Lost Data:
  • iMobie’s DroidKit supports all Android devices and offers two recovery mode options: Quick Recovery and Deep Recovery.

The Quick Recovery Mode offers a fast scan of your phone storage, WhatsApp chats, photos, files, messages, contacts, and other 13 types of essential data, covering almost everything that you can need daily. This mode does not root your Android device and you can recover your data with just a few simple clicks.

Whereas, Deep Recovery Mode is the ultimate Android solution that makes a more in-depth scan of your phone storage, to find all the deleted data which has not been overwritten yet. It uses a iMobie’s DroidKit exclusive NO-DATA-LOSS technology and guarantees the highest success rate in retrieving your lost and precious data.

  • Apart from recovering lost data from Android devices, iMobie’s DroidKit also supports data recovery from SD cards and WhatsApp data recovery.

WhatsApp chats can be very essential for anyone with all their private and official conversations and it can be very tricky to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to an iPhone as officially, it is not possible, and doing the process through a third-party app could end up deleting all your chats permanently. iMobie’s DroidKit offers exclusive tools to transfer, back up, and restore WhatsApp the way you want.

Check out this link for more details on transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone without risking your precious data.

  • Using iMobie’s DroidKit for Android data recovery, users can preview and select the data they need to recover without having to root their devices entirely, except for iMobie’s DroidKit’s Deep Recovery Mode.

2. Extract Needed Data:

  • Apart from Android data recovery tools, iMobie’s DroidKit also offers support to retrieve their data from Google backup, crashed phone (currently only on Samsung), and Sim card without having to root it completely.

Source: DroidKit

Samsung is the most popular Android smartphone brand and this link- How to Recover Data from Broken Samsung will help you recover data from your Samsung smartphone in just a few simple clicks.


3. Unlock Screen:

  • iMobie’s DroidKit offers exclusive support to unlock any Android smartphone including Samsung, LG, Motorola, and many more with no root required. This tool removes all types of screen locks, be it PIN, pattern, password, facial recognition, or fingerprint. Few simple clicks and your Android phone will be unlocked.


4. Fix System Issues:

  • Fix all your Android system issues including frozen screen, black screen, touch screen not working, camera failing, etc. with just a few clicks with iMobie’s DroidKit, a complete Android solution.

Source: DroidKit

5. Bypass FRP Lock:

  • iMobie’s DroidKit guarantees the highest rate of success in case of bypassing Factory Reset Protection locks and it supports all Android devices.


6. Reinstall/Upgrade OS:

  • iMobie’s DroidKit offers an exclusive feature that can match a secure ROM for your Android device automatically, without you having to go through a complicated procedure.

Source: DroidKit

7. Clean System Junk:

  • A cluttered Android device is the slowest and it is always better to free up some space by removing system junk. iMobie’s DroidKit offers an exclusive feature that lets you take care of this problem with just a few simple clicks and no extra effort. Prevent android app crashes with the Clean System Junk feature from iMobie’s DroidKit.


Save your Android device from disaster from the very first moment, try out iMobie’s DroidKit– The most reliable Android solutions under one umbrella. iMobie’s DroidKit supports over 20,000+ device models, enjoys reviews from over 1,000,000 satisfied customers and has been around the market for more than 10 years.  



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