Importance Of Mobile Application In The Business Era

importance mobile application business

There are a plethora of mobile application startups for developing the mobile apps for doing most of our daily activities, accessing them from wherever you like to.

The mobiles or the smartphones have arrived in a big way, changing the very way the businesses function. There are millions of users who are using these devices and as a result, we see more companies are trying to develop mobile applications based on their businesses. As per a study, it is found that there is $ 30 billion revenue earned from mobile app development industry, Despite this awe inspiring numbers, there is tremendous scope for mobile apps and enhanced growth.

Think about anything in your daily routines and the mobile applications are leveraging areas like airline ticket booking, railway reservation, online shopping and many such areas. There are a plethora of opportunities that are awaiting the consumers with the startups on mobile apps. When a mobile app meticulously fits into the needs of the organization, it becomes successful in giving the desired results for the organization.

The days of visiting the websites for daily activities are over. We now download the mobile apps and simply do all these activities through these apps, accessing them from wherever and whenever you can. As a consequence, we see an increasing popularity of mobile apps and these are due to:


The customization that is possible in the mobile applications is so far unforseen for a website. The mobile apps must ensure a better user experience with such functionalities like location tracking as used in the mobile apps with the iBeacon technology, which allows the tracking of the location of the users, as they are visiting a store or even before they enter the store, as some push notifications may be forwarded to these users on discounts and special offers. In fact, the moment the consumers download the app, higher levels of user engagement appears, including the push notifications on the screens of the mobile devices. Push notifications can also be personalized for customer interactions. Such notifications are limited in numbers as per the customer expectations and as we are yet to see the days of better mobile messaging analytics.


The young generation in this age of mobility is obsessed with speed. So, we see mobile apps attain remarkable speed on account of their undeniable design. There are certain functionalities that work well in the offline mode. Facebook has recently updated its iOS app which will allow the users to create posts, without any internet connection. These are uploaded automatically with the next connection. An Android app upgrade is expected soon.


The handiness with which these mobile apps appear on the smartphone screen is simply amazing. An important information on updates comes quite easily on the smartphones.

Revenue Generation

The investment on the mobile apps startups are extremely beneficial. There are many apps that are offered free of cost, but sponsored advertisements opens the revenue, with a win-win situation benefiting both the parties.

Acquiring the New Customers

The more the customers are acquired by the businesses, greater is the prospect of revenue generation. By switching over from the website in the form of mobile based applications for your organization, you tend to attract higher number of new customers, thereby giving a chance to your organization for tilting it towards these potential customers. Organizations that opt for mobile marketing strategies are better in gaining new customer bases. Custom mobile apps are also effective for the smaller companies, without the necessary resources for handling a digital marketing strategy.

Updating the Trends

Emails were the basic sources of correspondence with your clients on the latest updates on your product or any other fruitful information. There are  items that lies in your cart or new arrivals even the discounts and offers are quite effectively distributed with the notification technology on your smartphones.


Unlike the websites, it is far easier to access the mobile apps rather than the websites. We carry our smartphones almost everywhere and it has become increasingly easier to use these applications, as they come with some commendable interfaces. While developing for the purpose of user accessibility there must be an understanding of the nature of challenges involved.

Competing in Specific Markets

For those businesses who wish to stay ahead of their competition, it is wise to build a strong presence with the mobile apps. Customer loyalty programs are about rewarding the devoted customers. Other means are offered by the social media marketing for directing customers to other platforms.

Application development is reaching a new era as functionalities of the mobile apps ensure that it is possible for us to work without the internet usage. There are copious apps that are developed throwing newer avenues of growth for the app development companies.

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