Important Factors to Consider When Buying Bongs

Either you’re a beginner or already a long-time bong-user, it is important to know that there are several types that you can purchase in the market. Buying the best kind for you depends on a lot of factors, including your budget, frequency of use, etc. The right bong will provide better experience and much more satisfaction in your smoking session. We have expounded below each of the different factors and ways on how to put them into consideration when you’re purchasing a bong.

Material the bong is made of

Bongs can be made out of different materials, like metal, glass, bamboo, plastic, ceramic, etc. Each of these differ in durability and, of course, price range. If you are looking for a cheaper bong, then you should go for a metal or plastic bongs. On the other hand, if you want the luxurious experience, then a ceramic one is good but it is also expensive. Note that there are materials that might affect the taste of the smoke like plastics and metals. The safest choice for taste would be glass bongs. 

The style of the bong

Bongs also come in different styles and designs. Every style provides different experience and smoke quality. Straight tube bongs, beaker-shaped bongs, and multi-chamber bongs are only some of the numerous designs that are out in the market. Multi-chamber bongs are known to give cleaner and cooler smoke. If you are more of a simpler and straightforward bong-user, then go for straight-tube bongs.  

The budget you’re willing to spend on a bong

The price of a bong depends on its size, material and style. As we mentioned, ceramic bongs tend to be more expensive than others. Buying a bong from a professional glass artist can also cost more. Bongs can cost as low as $5 and as high as $300, or even more. Plastic bongs are much more affordable if you’re in a tight budget. To see if there’s a bong that matches your budget, head on over to this link

Herbs that you’ll be using

Dry herbs and legal concentrates require different types of bongs. Dry herbs require bongs with a bowl while concentrates need ones with a nail. Depending on which herbs you enjoy, you should look into which bongs suit them. 

Frequency of use

If you use bongs that often, then you shouldn’t be using an expensive one since it might  get damaged quicker that it should be. Glass bongs are best for everyday use because of its durability and the quality of smoke it can give. However, if you are planning to bring your bong whenever you’re travelling, glass-made ones can be inconvenient since they can get heavy and are prone to breakage. Small plastic bongs are best for those situations. 

Your experience in smoking

There are styles of bongs that beginners should avoid until they get used to the simpler ones. Gravity bongs, for example, gives stronger hits which only long-time users may handle. Straight-tube and beaker style bongs are the best entry-level designs.