In Interview with Mr. Anilcy Verghese, AVP of Sales and Marketing Karle Infra Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru’s leading integrated township

Mr. Anilcy Verghese, AVP of Sales and Marketing Karle Infra Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Anilcy Verghese, AVP of Sales and Marketing Karle Infra Pvt. Ltd

Karle Infra is not developing regular real estate, they are making real estate with vision. It is sustainable, egalitarian and the real estate of today. Powered with cutting edge technology their vision is to create something more than just buildings. We sat down with Mr. Anilcy Verghese, AVP of Sales and Marketing Karle Infra Pvt. Ltd. to understand Karle Infra’s vision more. Read on to know more.

1. What is the philosophy behind Karle Infra?

It is the lives that drive us at Karle Infra, not the buildings.

We strive for designs that allow us to see beyond ourselves, based on our vision of creating spaces that free and inspire.

Spaces, on the other hand, are intended to bring people together and create a sense of harmony, allowing us to express ourselves and explore new horizons.

This vision is realised through innovation and human-centric spaces, where nature and design come together to form a sustainable future.

These spaces are transformed into inclusive communities that use design management, engineering, and construction principles to give spaces meaning and life.

As a result, we are all working together to build the future.

2. How is it different from other real estate projects in the country?

Karle Town Centre is an attempt to reshape Bangalore’s definition of the “Garden City.”

The design is founded on the tenets of sustainability, innovation, and collaboration.

The environment is a stimulating mix of art and culture, work and leisure, entertainment, retail, community spaces, residential apartments, and office spaces.

It is the first step toward smarter, greener cities of the future, as it is integrated with lush green spaces.

Furthermore, Karle Town Centre was created in collaboration with international architectural industry leaders – UNStudio.

When you have a world-class vision, you must work with the best consultants available.

Finally, the aluminium façade that serves as a second skin for our commercial spaces is unique.

3. What is the prime focus while developing your projects?

The driving force is to provide a superior customer experience by leveraging technology, igniting creativity, and nurturing innovation.  Human- centric designs and environmentally friendly operations are built on a strong sense of social responsibility.

Five Value pillars:

  • Inculcate deep respect for individuals and the ecosystem
  • Commit to complete honesty and transparency
  • Deliver excellent quality to our stakeholders and society at large
  • Be a responsible corporate and social citizen
  • Show respect for the democratic process, change & joy

4. What innovation is your company doing in the e-buying of real estate?

Karle Infra has been on a digitization journey since 2020. All departments were undergoing this transformation. We adopted various tech innovations, that accelerated during the pandemic –

Technology adoption –

  1. The sales team saw the most benefit through this transformation. The option of a virtual site visit (initially intended for the NRI customer) quickly became the go-to solution during the lockdown. We used Oculus Rift devices for customers interested in virtual site visits, allowing customers to experience our township (Karle Town Centre), the key highlights, and amenities on offer, right from the comfort of their home. Naturally, we saw the highest ever virtual site visits by clients during the lockdown. The first quarter of FY 2021-22 saw a 3x rise in the number of successful virtual site visits.
  2. For those who could visit the site, it was important for us to quickly and seamlessly address all their queries. Through the Sales Buddy App, customer information and preferences are quickly collected and this digital information assists our Sales Team to deliver a more personalized pitch.
  3. Our Phygital model (an interactive and immersive digital display of the project) enables the customer to understand the USPs of the township, as well as the property they shortlisted. A large and spacious state-of-the-art AV room with pre-recorded videos gives the customer more detailed information about the project and the vision behind the development and the plans for the future.
  4. The sales team is able to showcase the apartment layouts and live inventory (integrated with ERP) through Interactive Touchscreens. Our VR tool allows customers to envision the interiors of apartments and help them understand space planning. For off-site visits, our AR tool allows our sales team to showcase the township plan in 3D.

5. How do you think real-estate was impacted because of the pandemic?

The luxury sector, like every other, was impacted.

As luxury resurfaced, people realized the value of staying in a larger home with more outdoor amenities and open spaces.  NRIs were heavily impacted in their host countries.  When the desire to return home became stronger, they began making plans for investment back home.  With this in mind, they desired to maintain their current lifestyles, which included city villas, green spaces, community living, and amenity-filled clubhouses.  The logic would have suggested that the economy’s units would rise.

Because the upper-middle class had multiple investments (and corpus), COVID had the least financial impact on them.  However, the lower middle class, which was more reliant on their salaries, was more affected.

6. What is your unique concept in real estate?

We provide versatile designs to meet the changing needs of homebuyers.

We are using technology to provide flexible walls and convertible rooms that can be used as a bedroom at night and a study during the day, executing a mixed-use project that provides the buyer with this flexibility and even allows the buyer to test these features Customers now want homes that allow them to do all three: live, work, and earn.

  • Flexi-homes – The Flexi home solutions are enabling people to adapt to a more time-focused lifestyle. The entire scenario of how people live, work, interact and sustain has changed post-Covid and people are now exploring ways to restructure the indoors to make them multi-functional. Designs and architects have been innovating new products that can be integrated into existing homes, including automation, smart devices, flexible furniture, Flexible walls. These features are now being projected as USP for apartments.
  • Traffic-free podium designs ensure safety for children and the elderly.
  • Our lobby spaces act as a social hub, perfect for engaging conversations and sharing the sense of community living.
  • Use of terrace spaces for Sky gardens.

7. What are your future plans considering the market and future prospects?

The real estate market is making a strong comeback, which is encouraging.

We are definitely looking into different avenues to create similar human-centric inspiring projects throughout Bengaluru.

8. Anything you want to highlight?

The growing need for homeownership amid the pandemic pushed up the demand for housing in the last six month

  1. Work from Home which is the new normal in today’s world played an essential role in raising the demand for housing. As people are spending most of their time at home, they are looking forward to moving into homes that give them the kind of space to maintain their work-life balance.
  2. People were looking to move from individual homes to integrated townships because of its in-house amenities. The NRI clients were looking to move back to India during the pandemic, they required apartments that could match up with their lifestyle and standards, therefore increasing demand.
  3. Another reason for the pushed-up demand is that interest rates on home loans are at their all-time low, client-friendly payment schemes, and lucrative offers, all of these factors encouraged buyers to invest in housing.
  4. The 1-acre Urban forest at our project – Vario Homes offers a multitude of outdoor amenities and the experience of living amidst nature.