In Interview With Sharmin Ali, Founder & CEO, Instoried

Sharmin Ali, Founder & CEO, Instoried

What is the thought behind Instoried?

Instoried is a deep-tech start-up enabling enterprises and individuals to create emotionally engaging content thereby improving their ROI. Instoried analyses, predicts and optimizes the emotional quotient, tonality and relevance of written content across formats like  blogs, articles, social media posts. Our platform helps content writers, in the SME category, e-commerce, FMCG, and other verticals to optimize emotions in their marketing content. 

In short, Instoried enables you to tell your story using the best possible words, in the best possible way! 

What do you think is the market need that Instoried addresses?

I was working with Mu Sigma, a technology company, and dealing with Fortune 500 companies in the USA. I loved writing and reading stories. My experience with both gave me the insight that corporations of all sizes were poor at communicating effectively and lacked an emotional element! They have a tough time building human connections and communicating with empathy to their target audience. They make marketing decisions based on how they feel they should communicate instead of analyzing data to their advantage. Here is where I thought Instoried would be a good product-market fit in the writing domain.

Instoried helps large companies make their marketing and communications content more human with a data-driven, scalable and repeatable approach using AI. 

Our tool is an all-inclusive one where we now have a GPT-3 enabled platform to do spell check, Grammar check, Headline generation, Plagiarism Checker, Panel Testing and Tonal & Emotional Analysis Checker. You can check it out here:

Who is your target audience?

Instoried caters to both, enterprises and individuals globally. So, it could be a journalist, a marketeer, content team of an enterprise, a content creator, a professional blogger, or a writing enthusiast, all of who can use the Instoried platform. Anyone in the content creation space can now use to curate their content pieces, be it an article, social media post, emails or blogs,  to make it suit the ideal tone and emotion of their target audience. One can enjoy our 1 year membership starting from $ 49. Instoried enables content writers across sectors to optimize emotions in their marketing content. 

What particular technology and algorithms do you use on your platforms?

As one creates content, the tool dynamically analyses it and displays the tone and emotion of the text. When you click on a particular tone or emotion, the tool highlights all the words in the content exuding that particular tone or emotion. Upon hovering the cursor over a particular word, it gives multiple recommendations that are both semantically and contextually relevant, thereby enhancing the empathy of the content.

How has the customer/client response been?

We have had a phenomenal response from both our B2B and B2C customers. The pandemic forced brands of all sizes to go digital and that became an opportunity in disguise for Instoried.

Instoried’s customers have witnessed up to 3X increase in incoming leads per post and 2X rise in ROI in less than 6 months.

What is the direction in which you aim to take Instoried?

We want Instoried to be a content super-app that helps writers, marketers and students around the world write original content accurately, with empathy and collaboratively. We aim at leading the next revolution in content by making content more empathetic and help content be more engaging, relevant and impactful.