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In Interview with Snneha Lukaa Co-Founder BabyReady

Snneha Lukaa Co-Founder BabyReady

Snneha Lukaa Co-Founder BabyReady

Q1. Tell us about the company and its founders?

Babyready is a health tech platform, simplifying infertility by helping couples and individuals connect with top gynecologists, IVF & infertility specialists in India. The platform intends to ensure 100% transparency in the fertility treatment process, thus helping couples make the right choice by connecting with experts in the field and providing support via the community.

I have Co founded it in a partnership with Credit Fair.

Q2. What was the main motivation of your founders that inspired them to create the company?

While working with Credit Fair, NBFC which provides loans for IVF treatment, we came across patients who had zero ideas about the line of the treatment they have been recommended and ones who were misguided about the process. Understanding that IVF is not always the solution to getting pregnant and ensuring that people are not misguided and are involved in a transparent process. There’s a significant influx of people seeking treatment options and guidance. Also, considering the stigma associated with infertility, we also came across patients who were not ready to inform their spouse about the infertility issue and the ones who were taking the treatment without informing their immediate family members-all due to the fear of being named and shamed by the society,  thus when we decided to start babyready.

Babyready is uniquely placed for doctors as well as through its babyready PRO version it helps doctors connect with patients, thus helping them increase their reach.

Q3. The impact created by BabyReady so far?

Reached out to people in tier II and tier III cities. Educated couples on various lines of treatments, provided assistance. Also, involved in providing loans for infertility treatments. Help couples get support online by coming out in the open and discussing infertility issues-without being judged as the user can also post anonymously. For doctors too, we have managed to increase walkings by 60% and treatment conversion by 35%. In a span of 6 months, over 20 couples have already conceived through our doctor partnerships.

Q4. Trend /Observation during Covid?

Initially, we thought of starting out as a platform for women with infertility issues, but over the course of a few months, we got a lot of inquiries from men who were more keen to proceed ahead with various treatments recommended by the doctors. For the babyready PRO version as well, we had a huge demand from doctors-especially from metro cities, tier II and tier III cities as patient visits had considerably reduced due to COVID. During the first lockdown, we used to get inquiries from over 150+ people on a daily basis in comparison to the number being 100 now.

In comparison to various health-related treatments, people usually are not sure about opting for infertility treatment as success is not guaranteed. The number of calls we received during COVID for assistance related to treatment, doctor/clinic recommendations did increase.

Q5. There are a lot of frauds and scams that take place, how do you ensure that doesn’t happen with your customers?

One of the main reasons for starting out as I mentioned is to ensure transparency.

We do a thorough check on the doctors we are associated with-verifying their information online, checking certification, patient reviews, etc. we only recommend the best rated and trustworthy options while many aggregators recommend clinics based on the margins offered. We are completely transparent as we understand the joy of parenthood and want to be sensitive towards the patients as they are already going through stress.

We also offer post-clinic visits and treatment assistance to ensure the patient is doing fine and requires us to help them out with anything.

Q6. How do you ensure customer satisfaction in situations of complaints? 

We are increasing our doctor partnerships to help couples get more options and proceed with the doctor and line of treatment they completely believe in. We understand that patients are not always happy with the big clinics in the business which is why we are looking to partner with more doctor clinics to help couples get access to the right doctors. We also offer 24*7 assistance to patients, thus helping them resolve their issues at the earliest. We are also in the process of providing cashback options in case of failed treatments.

Q7. What would be your future plans ??

In the coming few months, we are planning to launch an assisted natural pregnancy plan which will help couples conceive naturally. We are also in the process of launching content in 7 regional languages. We would also be expanding our community, launching cashback plans, partnering with counselors, lifestyle coaches, nutritionists to provide holistic assistance to couples and individuals with infertility. We would also be expanding our doctor partnerships and intend to partner with 5000+ doctors/clinics in the coming 2-3 years and are looking for diagnostic partners as well. The future plan involves assisting pregnant couples and even catering to the parenthood segment so we are associated with a couple right from trying to conceive to be pregnant.



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