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In the future, the colour of the Apple Watch band can vary dependent on your outfit

Apple is looking at how to have the band of the Apple Watch change colour to match the user’s outfit and alert the user to information. A recently obtained patent, according to AppleInsider, purports to show it doing precisely that. The “Watch Band With Adjustable Colour” advises people to buy one that changes colour rather than many Watch bands that go with various outfits.

The recently awarded patent states, “Users may desire the ability to customise their watch bands to express variety and style.” It said, “For example, a user may desire a watch band of a particular colour based on the user’s selection of clothing, other wearable articles, environment, or another preference.”
According to Apple’s patent, the concept involves Watch bands with “electrochromic features,” which enable “a variety of colours and colour combinations to be displayed by a single band” in response to “an applied voltage.”

In addition, the newspaper said that while the patent tries to outline every potential application of its fundamental concept, the centre of main example upon bands created from fabric woven from filaments. “Some or all of the filaments can include electrochromic features. For example, one or more of the filaments can include a conductor and an electrochromic layer,” Apple was quoted as saying.

Apple Watch Bands Could Change Colours Based On Your Outfit
Credits: CNBCTV

The built-in health and emergency capabilities of the Apple Watch

Further, it added, “the electrochromic layer can be electrically connected to the conductor so that voltage applied to the conductor is communicated to the electrochromic layer. The electrochromic layer can include a polymer layer… (which) can react, in the presence of an applied voltage, to change its colour, as described further herein.”

The tech juggernaut said, “the colour selections can be made and adjusted without removing and exchanging the watch band. Accordingly, various colours can be displayed simultaneously without requiring different watch bands for each colour or colour combination”.

The built-in health and emergency capabilities of the Apple Watch, such as heart monitoring, emergency SOS, and fall detection features, have received several accolades for saving lives. Another user recently praised his Series 7 Apple Watch for sending him a warning that prevented serious internal bleeding from killing him.

The watch again saved a life

The Apple Watch 7 series issued the user many high notifications for a high pulse rate a few days ago as he was taking a little nap since he was feeling exhausted and low, according to a Reddit user with the username digital mono. Yet even after he woke up, the alerts would not cease. He didn’t hear any sound because he had the DND mode on. When he finally opened his eyes, he discovered that the watch had given him more than ten alarms.

The alarms for a racing pulse continued even after some time spent relaxing. The owner of the watch opted to stay in and call out for the remainder of the day since he believed it to be a cause for worry or work. He made a brief video call appointment with his doctor to determine what may be the issue. The doctor then examined him on the phone, asked him about his symptoms, and checked his vital signs, pulse, and oxygen level. After learning about the owner’s vitals, the doctor immediately called 911 to dispatch an ambulance.