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Income Tax Department to launch new portal, and Twitter is filled with reactions and responses

The Income Tax Department is all set to launch an e-filing portal on June 7th with the aim of easing up the process for the taxpayers, making it more convenient. The portal that is in use at present will be shut for six days from June 1 to June 6. In contrast to the existing portal, the new one will be more user-friendly and easier to use.

Although the objective is quite noble and beneficial, users have a spectrum of responses to the transition, particularly because of their earlier history of a chain of portals and sites going on sloth mode. And, particularly in India, transition to something new entails quite a lot of work and effort, that it is almost exhausting.

And a change always means different responses and reactions. While some are looking forward to the new beginnings, others aren’t really looking forward to a change, particularly in this rapidly changing times, especially when there is a long history of new beginnings which never crossed the approval bridge.

Whatever happens, Twitter is the expression point, and with the news of new portal in the air, a new name has been added to the trending list in Twitter. Here is a compilation of the best reactions and responses from Twitter.

There is always a hue of the pandemic in every news, whether it be a new portal or something else.

Talk about creating new tangled messes when there are already existing stock of the same

Talk about sour grapes

Everybody wants something new and fresh to look forward to. Only, the new portal might entail a chance of us looking backward, to the ‘good’ old times.

Talk about the other long chain of portals in need of a new life, while the government is ready to launch a brand new portal. Irony on point, according to some users.

While the other departments…



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