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Indian Finance Minister says government is constantly monitoring crypto

India has recently taxed cryptocurrencies in the 30% bracket that is usually reserved for lotteries and gambling. This has made it clear that the government is not going to ban crypto. In fact, while talking about crypto, India’s Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, said that the government is constantly monitoring it. She also said that the taxation rules they announced would be implemented before the issuance of the digital ruppee.

The Indian government is constantly monitoring crypto

Considering that a lot of laws are still needed to be put in place by the authorities regarding crypto, it is not a surprise that the government is keeping a close eye on the sector. In an interview with the India Today News channel, she talked about the State of India’s Economy. In the end, she added that they have a special team of people whose job is to monitor the crypto industry and listen to people from the space.

The Indian government is constantly monitoring crypto

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She also cleared that while the Reserve Bank of India is working on the digital ruppee, the crypto taxation rules will be implemented much sooner. This might be because the implementation would be much simpler than digital currency.

Be prepared to pay taxes

The Indian Central Board of Direct Taxes Chairman J.B. Mohapatra said that they would also apply the taxability of cryptocurrency in this financial year. Investors should know that it’s not that only crypto transactions from April 2022 onwards will be taxed. So, it is a good time for them to start preparing for what they might owe as taxes. This is because I am pretty sure very few of us might have kept track of the hundreds of transactions we did this year.

While the government has legitimized crypto with the tax step, it is still not a good thing for investors. There are no set-off profits from losses, and the flat bracket is another pain. Recently, a Twitter hashtag #reducecryptotax went viral, and over 70,000 Indians also signed a petition against the new tax announced.

What are your thoughts as India’s Finance Minister says that the government is constantly monitoring crypto? And do you think that in the coming budget sessions, they will listen to the citizens and reduce taxes? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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