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Indian Gamers Petition Sony To Restock The PlayStation 5 In The Country

Indian Gamers Petition Sony To Restock The PlayStation 5 In The Country

PlayStation 5

The Indian gaming community has waited months for the much anticipated PlayStation 5 console to return to the market, but Sony has been slow to return its great PS5 reboots.

Scalpers trying to buy last month, and while Sony offered the PS5 for $499, they managed to sell it for $899. It just means that Sony’s console is grossly undervalued and you’ll probably have to pay for it anyway. Sony Corp, it’s not good for you to sell a console at a price that is then inflated by scalpers.

The first batch of the PlayStation 5 sold out on the second platform in February, but the company has not replenished it in India, where there has been even one launch, only in the disc version. Since then, there are no new stocks of the PS5 for India and it still needs to be replenished.

Sony will launch the Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 in India at a price to be announced in April/May 202 and available to PS3, PS4 users in India from November 2019.

A Bengaluru-based game retailer Prepaidgamercard has reportedly told IGN India that Sony will have the PS5 back in stock in India on April 2, 2021. While reports say stores like Croma and Sony Center have informed people that the PlayStation 5 will be replenished in April, there is no confirmation that this has happened.

Sony promised late last year to ship additional PlayStation 5 shares before the holidays, but the console was virtually untraceable in the end. Not surprisingly, PlayStation5 sold out within a week of its launch at authorized retailers, and it has no chance of selling out in India after going live in the US and other countries with authorized retail outlets.

Sony released a statement on social media saying: ‘We would like to thank players everywhere for offering the PlayStation 5 for sale for the first time since its launch in India. Sony’s statements, the latest of which was a response to cross-play, show a lack of contact with its customers. Can’t protect users from the negative effects of cross-play on their gaming experience.

A report by Tech Radar quoted Sony India’s chief marketing officer, Amitabh Bhattacharya, as saying the company would focus on the PlayStation 4 in India in 2020, not the PS5. This is the first time in the company’s history that a company has focused on a PS4 and not a PlayStation 5. The confusion has fueled speculation that Sony is keeping a strict silence on the PS5 for India.







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