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India’s first URL based messaging service going to reveal soon by Invite Quote (InviteQuote.com).

New Delhi –

An I.T. based online stream platform going to be launch by Invite Quote (www.inviteQuote.com), aforesaid platform shall be.  Capable to spread the 1 million URL links to target audience in some moments  in any location of India.

Miss Deepika Sharma

Miss Deepika Sharma

Miss Deepika Sharma as one of the director of invitequote, during talk with various journalists, claimed that Invite Quote platform shall be capable for deliver any text or video massage upto 5 GB HD Videos (approx. 120 minutes) to 1 Million ( 10 lack) person per second and aforesaid online plate form is designing for manage the 1million online traffic at any moment.

Miss Deepika Sharma also described about various types of services, which shall be offered on Invite Quote platform. She said that any types of invitation in digitally form such as wedding invitation, reception invitation, meeting invitation, compliance invitation, or any type of acknowledgement, text or video message shall be distributed to  10 lack person with in second through the help of Invite Quote digital platform. 

She also described in detail about offering services, which has been divided into 4 categories as Complimentary Card Services, Silver Card Services, Golden Card Services and Platinum Card Services. Whereas, complementary services are offered free of cost. Silver Card Services shall be started under ₹ 1000, which shall be provide the upto 5,000 Views impression upon your desirous delivered link. Whereas, Gold Card Services shall be started under ₹ 10,000 (INR), which shall be provide upto 1 Lac (100 k) desirous view impression and Platinum Card Services shall be started under ₹ 1,00,000 (1 Lac INR), which shall be capable for 1 Million view impression guaranteed.

On the questioning, how much time required to start Invite Quote services and how much employment shall be generated ?

Miss Deepika Sharma replied that, we are starting advance booking for January month within next week period. She also stress upon various direct and indirect employment opportunities shall be generate to various designers, through the separate window for submit your imagination, through any designer can submit or upload his/ her design for commercial purpose, She confirm that for silver, gold and platinum card service are depending in back end designer, therefore its has no any doubt that invite quote online platform shall be generated various opportunities to various thousands photo and video designers.

On the question on reliability and variability of digital services of invitequote online platform.

She confirm that invitequote is developing with latest technology like react, native and iconic, and invite quote is developing its own  cloud server platform alongwith independent storage space, therefore all services shall be reliable and all service shall be protected through end to end encryption mode also. She said that invite quote shall be available for both  android and ios  platform.

On the questioning, whether is it possible to utilise the Invite Quote platform for advertisement purpose?

Miss Deepika Sharma replied that currently Invite Quote facing 15 Paisa operational costing for per view impression and Invite Quote trying is trying to decreasing its cost to 3 Paisa per View impression  after achieving aforesaid target, Invite Quote shall be economic platform for advertisement and promotional purpose.

Meanwhile, URL based messaging service by Invite Quote shall be surprising for public, corporate and government. It has no doubt, After starting the aforesaid platform any individual as well as corporate entity shall be capable for deliver the any type of massage or any type of massage to the target audience with in some moments under economic cost. Currently various digital platforms like Facebook charging approx 15-20 paisa per view impression and other t.v platform like news channel, entertainment channel charging from 5 paisa to 40 paisa per view impression without any unguarded mode and invite quote claims for 15 paisa per impression guaranteed to target audience, It may be possible that invite quote platform shall be provide an unique alternative to advertisement industry.



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