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InfluenceMojo – the #1 influencer network in India all set to transform the influencer marketing industry

Takeaway: Saumya, Marketing Head at InfluenceMojo, goes in-depth into working of the influencer marketing industry in India and talks about InfluenceMojo, the leading influencer marketing platform in India.

As a brand in today’s digital age, it has become mandatory to have an online presence. Since the past few years, various brands have adopted influencer marketing tactics to promote their products and services via platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.The global influencer marketing is poised to be a $20 billion industry, with India contributing a major chunk of $75-150 million.

InfluenceMojo is amongst the leading influencer marketing platforms in India that aims at connecting the right brands with the right influencers, helping make campaigns a massive success for both. Saumya Uniyal, Marketing Head at InfluenceMojo, talked to us more about the topic in a one-on-one interview.

On Influencer Marketing in India

While talking to us about the state of Influencer Marketing in India, Saumya said, “Influencer marketing is an established industry in Tier 1 countries like the US & the UK. India witnessed a sudden boom in the rise of influencers and content creators on platforms like YouTube & Instagram in the past few years. However, many still fail to acknowledge the potential influencer marketing holds as a multi-million dollar industry in India alone.”

She added that while building InfluenceMojo, the one goal that the team strived to achieve was to build the one-stop-influencer marketing platform that fulfills the needs and desires of both brands and influencers. InfluenceMojo believes that the strength of influencing cannot be solely judged on the number of followers one has, but rather more on their engagement and interactions with their audience, based on which they can earn money online.

“When an audience connects with an influencer, only then can the magic of influence really happen,” Saumya added.

What is InfluenceMojo?

InfluenceMojo is India’s largest Influencer marketing platform that has tied up with over 50k companies for promoting their brands via influencer marketing. The platform has some of the biggest influencers in India, including celebrities, on board with them. 

“We have small brands and big companies, as well as, micro to celebrity influencers on board with us.”

InfluenceMojo’s View on Micro-Influencers

A micro-influencer is someone who has a following between 1,000 to 100,000 and a focus on a specific niche or area. They are often viewed as industry or topic experts of their own niche. One of the biggest points about micro-influencers is that they have a uniform audience, that follows them with purpose, unlike celebrity or bigger influencers. 

While talking to Team TechStory, Saumya told us that InfluenceMojo focuses equally on micro-influencers as they believe that their following relates to them on a deeper level and often rely on their advice about new brands and products.

Increasing Brand Value with InfluenceMojo

InfluenceMojo, as an influencer marketing agency, strives to increase the value of your brand by inculcating the right influencer marketing tactics through the right channel like YouTube or Instagram and with the perfect influencer match for your products/services. The influencer marketing platform assists you to launch successful influencer campaigns via efficient communication to deliver exquisite on-demand solutions for your brand.

Therefore, InfluenceMojo assists you by:

  • Amplifying sales
  • Building brand connection with the audience
  • Generating quality content via promotions

InfluenceMojo – #1 Influencer Network in India

InfluenceMojo stands as the #1 influencer network in India and strives to the #1 in the world in the near future. It’s not long before we start seeing venture capitalist entering the influencer marketing dimension in India. Saumya, the Marketing Head at InfluenceMojo, remarked, “We view influencer marketing from a hawk’s eye perspective, which is why, we strive to focus on building the best influencer marketing platform in the world that focuses on all the intricacies related to influencer marketing both at a macro, as well as, micro-level.” 



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