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Patrolling the Digital Borders of the World Wide Web: An Infographic on Cyber Safe Countries

There are physical barriers that stop you crossing over from one country to another without providing your credentials and proving you are not carrying anything threatening with you, but that confirmation is much harder to achieve when it comes to the web. There are very few countries that you might brand as cyber safe countries.

The following infographic offers a fascinating insight into which countries are the safest in terms of dealing with the threat of cyber criminals and which ones are most vulnerable to attack.

VPN Compass have also produced a comprehensive guide for protecting children’s privacy while online.

There are also some startling geographical differences relating to the content that you can freely view online in one country but wouldn’t have a chance of doing so in another part of the planet.

cyber safe countries

Source: Comparitech.com

Here’s another information on cybersecurity tips you need to know in 2019.

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