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InMobi Founder Naveen Tewari Wants Employees at Office
“If you are working on creating cutting-edge, new products or ideas, it doesn't happen sitting behind Zoom or Teams calls."

 Mr. Naveen Tewari, the founder of tech advertising company, InMobi has said that he prefers having his employees in the office rather than at home working and has publicly said why as well.

According to him, working from home can limit the creativity and the chance for innovation of employees. Efficiency also goes down while working at home while the relevant training given to the entry level employees and freshers are also not as effective when doing them on Zoom and other online tools.

He went on to say that if you are a pioneer in a certain industry or are looking to take control of a market, it cannot be done online when your colleagues faces are just boxes on your screen. Everyone has to be physically together bouncing ideas off of each other.

Maybe what he says might just be true. InMobi has the achievement of being the first ever unicorn in the country while its subsidiary Glance also achieved that status close to two years ago.

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According to him, every level in a company requires to be together physically to get meaningful work done and to have productive days.

Mr. Tewari’s thoughts comes at a time where the coronavirus cases are going up daily with close to 13,000 people testing positive in the country on the 19th of June.

He went on to say that as Covid took over the world, people were forced to work from home and they got very comfortable doing so. Companies realised how much their employees prefer working from home and are now deciding as to whether calling them back to the office full time is fair on them.

He also said that his company is definitely going to be calling back the employees soon and will not be continuing working from home in the long run. However, this process will be big for everyone involved and they will do their best in helping their employees transition back to office life as smoothly as possible.

Companies are now giving incentives to employees to get them back to the office such as giving them a pay raise, paying for their travel, accommodation, more benefits and so on. So, it is clear that many companies are preferring to have their employees at the office as they do believe that it would improve their efficiency.  However, many companies are still sticking to working from home for the time being and have no plans of having everyone in physical spaces, working together.