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Instagram introduced a special Reels tab for users in India

Recently, Instagram introduced a special tab just for Reels for users in India. The tab is located where the explore page was in the app itself. The explore page has moved to the top right corner of the screen. According to the company, this change will make it simpler for people to create and discover new Reels.

Reels will not be in the Explore unit anymore. Instead, they will be available on auto-play in the new Reels tab. The user can open the Reels camera through this tab which contains features and filters to make their Reels as creative and personalized as they wish to.

After the ban of TikTok in India, Instagram introduced this new feature. It allowed users to make similar videos as they used to on TikTok. The director and head of partnerships at Facebook India, Mr. Manish Chopra informed that this new tab has been introduced first in the Indian market. The reason for this is the immense interest and creativity shown by Indians since the launch of Reels in June.

Mr. Chopra said, “Emerging creators like the 22-year-old, Mumbai based @ThemermaidScales aka Krutika has seen their account grow exponentially to cross 1 million courtesy the engagement they’re getting on Reels. The dedicated tab is in response to the community’s amazing response to Reels, as it’ll help people discover new creators more easily.”

After Brazil, Germany, and France, India was the 4th country to witness the launch of Reels in June. The ban of TikTok also played the role of a catalyst in boosting the use of Reels on Instagram. Now, this feature is available in more than 50 countries in the world.

Mr. Chopra has shown immense appreciation for the creative potential that Reels has been able to bring out of the common people as well as celebrities. He is excited by the fact that celebrities like Virat Kohli, Katrina Kaif, etc are making use of this feature as well. New music and episodic content is making its way to the mainstream through Reels.

Mr. Chopra has also shown promise for including many more tools in the future to make using Reels a worthwhile experience.



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