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How to Become a Consistent Winner in Online Poker Cash Games?

Poker is a thrilling game of cards that tests your wit, intelligence and expertise in the decision making process of the game. The skill game is unpredictable due to its stunning variations, however, the same can be dominated with your stellar skills and game strategy. Here, we shall specifically discuss some simple yet highly effective tips for online cash games of poker.

These online cash game strategies can be instrumental for those who are looking to build their game and witness systematical changes that could make them a more consistent winning player in online poker. Check them out.

Tips for Steady Game in Online Poker

Online poker cash games are one of the trickiest formats of the game wherein in order to win consistently, you need to use every ounce of edge offered by your opponents at the table. So, let’s figure out how to formulate your betting strategies against a variety of opponents to beat them in their own game.

You do NOT have to see every flop

Amateurs or recreational players often like to play every hand just for the thrill of seeing the flop. This is a rookie move in online poker cash games as almost in every case, you end up losing more than you could win. One should ideally play only premium hands and medium strength hands (if you have a healthy stack lead compared to your opponents). The idea is to play few pots and win most of them. This means you need to follow the tight-aggressive game to enjoy consistent wins.

Fold your Small Blinds

Small blinds might call for discounts but when you face a raise, it is better to fold your hands almost every time. Being out of position is a significant detrimental factor that will never let you control the pot. As such, you will not be able to defend your hand unless you have solid implied odds.

Attack the Limpers

Limpers are typically the calling stations who like to call almost anything to see all the community cards unless it is a big raise. So, use the poker stats to profile the limpers and target them specifically and 3-bet them to churn value from your pot.

3-Bet More Often

3-Bet is a value betting strategy and works very well with premium hands in online poker cash games. When you 3-bet with only your best hands, your opponents will get to know you have a premium hand. So, feel free to 3-bet with a wider range against weaker opponents especially when you are in position.

C-Bet More Often

Continuation bet is an optimal strategy in online cash games of poker against weaker opponents. If you have noticed, most players fold more often than they should in online poker whenever they face a c-bet. Try not to fold especially when you are heads-up against another player with a good hand. Any pair, straight draw, flush draw is usually good enough to continue with. 

You may also try raising pre-flop against those opponents who like to c-bet but often fold when met with a big raise. 

Pick the right stakes

If you wish to play confident cash games of online poker, you need to play for the right stakes. Make sure you have enough money in your bankroll for re-entries, tight spot all-ins, meaning your bankroll should not affect the decisions you want to make at the table. Bankroll management is crucial to play online poker cash games and should always dictate the stakes you are playing for and act as a cushion when you are in a dire situation.

Try these strategies in your next online poker cash games to play your A-game and see visible results. Moving on, we have an excellent range of promotions for all online poker cash gamers today from one of India’s leading poker websites.

PokerBaazi: India’s Licensed and Most Trusted Poker Website

India’s Most Trusted Poker Website, PokerBaazi is back once again with a relentless stream of promotions for online poker cash gamers pertaining to the two most popular variants of poker, Texas Hold’em.

Cash Climb- Collect Reward Points, Climb Levels, Claim Bigger Prizes

The above header ideally summarizes the promotion. The Cash Climb is a target based promotion that focuses on commitment rather than competition. The job for the player is to earn Reward Points on the cash tables and redeem them for cash prizes when you meet the targets. The higher target you achieve, your prizes get bigger.

Pick Any Table of Any Game to Win From Multiple Categories!

The Cash Climb features separate cash prizes for NHLE and PLO across 4 different stakes across. Feel free to redeem points at all stakes for both online cash games and claim as many prizes you want. Here are the categories.

  • Micro: 1/2, 2/5 Blinds
  • Low: 5/10, 10/25 Blinds
  • Mid: 25/50, 50/100 Blinds
  • High: 100/200, 250/500 Blinds

Check out the targets on the PokerBaazi official website and get started. Online poker cash games are all the rage during the lockdown as it offers the perfect mix of thrill and recreation during the dull hours. Take advantage of such promotions and mix it up with the strategies you learned today and start winning BIG today.




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