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Instagram Reels feature now gets a dedicated tab

Instagram is one of the most used social media networks all over the world. It has recently introduced the reels feature that was a competitor to TikTok. But, now since TikTok is banned, Instagram Reels feature is being promoted like crazy. The company recently announced that it would replace the explore tab with a dedicated reels tab.

Why is Instagram adding a dedicated tab for Reels?

The main reason why Instagram is pushing Reels so much is the TikTok Ban. Even though the site was promoting this feature much before the ban, but TikTok’s ban just opened up a vast market share for the company. Adding a tab for Reels will ensure quick access to the feature and inturn push more users to use the same.

Instagram reels feature

Image Source: TechCrunch

Reportedly, India is the first country to get the dedicated Reels tab due to the extensive interest the users have shown. Facebook India Director and Head of Partnerships, Manish Chopra said:

“Earlier this month, we started testing a new tab on Instagram to make it easier to discover entertaining Reels. Today, we`re expanding this test in India to most of the country. India is the first market we`re launching in due to the interest and creativity we`ve seen.”

The new reels tab will show auto-playing reel videos and also give users the option to create new videos directly from the tab.

How is Reels feature affecting Instagram reach?

Many users are complaining that their posts are not getting as much reach as they used to. The main reason for this is the way Instagram works. The current algorithm of Instagram is all set to promote the Reels feature. Therefore, new posts are not getting as much reach and engagement through the explore tab as they used to.

And now explore tab being replaced by Reels and moved to the top right corner might further boost this problem. Let’s see if Instagram listens to its user complaints and does something about the same. Else the very good social media platform will just become another new TikTok which will be despised by most users.

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