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Intel 12th generation Intel Core i9 processor developed by Israel engineers

On Wednesday, Intel launched its 12th generation Intel Core i9 12900K Alder Lake processor that is said to be developed by Israeli engineers. Around 1000 engineers from Israel along with Intel development groups all over the world. This update will make a huge impact on future devices as it has the highest level of top gaming titles.

Intel officially launches 'most significant' chip lineup sired in Israel |  The Times of Israel

Image credits- The Times of Israel

Nvidia’s leadership position in the gaming sector is going to be challenged with Intel’s recent update. It is more advanced, especially in AI and data service centers. The designed processor is for Windows, Linux, and Chrome operating systems. These operating systems account for 90% of the market share. Intel also added in the announcement that more processors will be added to devices and will bring a huge change to the gaming and PC industry. Half of Intel VP Core & Client Development Group was part of the development. The VP Core & CLient development team has around 2,000 employees under Ran Berenson. It is predicted that they can make tens of billions of dollars in the coming decade from Alder Lake Lineup.

Berenson said, “We are confident Alder Lake will feature prominently in the computing market as hundreds of millions of people choose it for their systems over the coming years. Alder Lake represents Israel’s largest-ever chip hardware development project. We expect it to sell in the largest quantities, more than any other ‘Blue & White’ product launched to date. Today’s launch includes the first desktop processors in the lineup. We will follow with Alder Lake processors for laptops and business users. I am immensely proud of all Intel Israel’s development groups that participated in this extraordinary project. With Intel dominating 80% of the global computer market, it is thrilling to see the processors developed in Israel sustaining, even reinforcing this trend.”






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