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Internal Facebook survey shows staff losing confidence in leadership

Image: gamingdeputy

Employees are losing faith in leadership, according to an internal Facebook survey, with less than half responding positively to their ‘desire to stay.’

A section titled “What everyone at Facebook thinks of their direct managers” received extremely positive comments, with categories such as people (84 percent favourable responses), collaboration (83 percent), and team impact receiving overwhelmingly positive responses (85 percent ).

In sections addressing how employees felt about Facebook and their own experience at the company, the replies were less positive.

A second component of the survey, which looked at “what everyone at Facebook thinks about the company,” received 65 percent positive replies, down 2 percentage points from the previous study in 2021.

Employees are losing faith in management, with favourable responses down 7 percentage points to 49 percent during the first half of the year.

Only 47% of employees said they “intented to stay” at Facebook in the second half of the year, down 2 percentage points from the first half.

During the same time period, favourable reactions to”optimism” declined 11 percentage points to 51 percent, while favourable responses to”pride” fell 7 percentage points to 55 percent.

The third component, which was characterised as “what everyone at Facebook thinks about their own experience,” garnered 61 percent positive replies, up 1% from the first half. In the “Work/Life” category, less than half of employees gave positive comments, however the number of positive responses was up 5 percentage points to 46 percent from the first half of the year.

Only 42% said “strengths (job you enjoy)” was a good thing.

“Feedback is engrained in our culture, and we conduct internal surveys among employees on a regular basis to learn where we’re excelling and where we need to improve,” a corporate spokeswoman said.

“In areas where we’ve seen declines, we listened with our employees, we take their feedback seriously, and we take some action.”