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Internet Service Providers ATandT, Comcast and Verizon Sued

Internet Service Providers ATandT, Comcast and Verizon Accused Sued

Internet Service Providers ATandT, Comcast and Verizon Accused Sued

According to reports, the internet service providers, Verizon Wireless, ATandT and Comcast, have been taken to court by, the production companies for doing nothing to prevent piracy of movies from their platforms. The production companies want the service providers to take action on those involved in repeated violations. The production companies who believe that internet service providers have felicitated the mass piracy, want them to block privacy sites.

Inaction On Complaints

Production units have contended in their lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania court that, the internet service was aware of the copyright infringement. Production units have accused internet service providers of not taking any action, despite specific complaints of violations. They have highlighted that Comcast decided against moving the needle despite 10, 000 notices sent. Production units are miffed over the inaction of internet service providers and want to hold them accountable for the same.

In the legal suit, the production units have said that Comcast did not take any action against its users, despite the notice. Comcast also did not forward the complaint to the specific user pointed out by production units.

No Policy

Production unit legal suit claims, that the service providers are responsible for allowing the copyright violations since they have the option of terminating accounts. The lawsuit further says, that, service providers do not have any policy to terminate users who are regular violators.

As per reports, ATandT considers the repeated violation of copyrights as only a factor in considering termination. Comcast, reportedly, counts violations on the monthly basis and does not take into consideration the total complaints against the user.

The Case Of Internet Service Provider Verizon

Verizon puts the onus on the production companies to register a violation. There are allegations that Verizon does not take into consideration the banning of pirated sites, despite being aware of it.

The production units have alleged that Verizon could not take any action despite multiple complaints. Reportedly, the three internet service providers are yet to comment on the case.

“Verizon did not terminate customer accounts even if it received information about a high number of repeat infringements at those customer accounts,” the complaint states. Reportedly Verizon users have been served multiple infringement notices.

Reports bring out that, the production units, Voltage Pictures, After Productions and Ammo Entertainment, who have filed the lawsuits in Pennsylvania court are represented by Dovel and Luner and Culpepper IP.



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