How To Find The Best Offers For Booking A Hotel In Dubai

When it comes to tourists coming to the UAE, Dubai is a must-stop destination. With the desert, the historical tourist attractions, and the massive magnificent mall, a storehouse of different cuisines and cultures, there is a lot to Dubai. However, finding a hotel in Dubai might seem a bit tough with so many options available and also, time-consuming. 

Photo by Zaib Azhar 📷
Photo by Zaib Azhar 📷

While Dubai is often termed the ‘Vegas of the Desert’, there is a lot for you to do in Dubai. The city offers tourists of different budgets different lodging facilities. Here, you will find some of the best tips on how to find the best offers for booking a hotel room when trying to make the most out of your Dubai trip.

Always Book In Advance

This is the first and foremost thing you should do. Of course, one cannot always start planning a trip 4 months in advance, and you might not know which weekend you would be free or which holiday would be the best for a trip with family or friends. However, in situations when you can plan ahead, make sure you choose a week that seems suitable for you and book in advance. 

There are several sites you would find online which specialize in offering you the best deals, make use of the promo code and save money. When you book in advance; especially, during the peak seasons, you get rooms at a much cheaper rate than you would if you book just a few days before your trip.

Photo by Jenis Christopher
Photo by Jenis Christopher

Try Calling The Hotel Directly

With technology advancing so much, you can now book a hotel with just a few clicks no matter where you are booking from. There are online traveling sites that offer you direct rates from hotels; however, you can also try calling the hotel directly. In some cases, if you see a site not having any available rooms for the hotel you find suitable, calling them directly, you might get a room or two; especially, if you are in the government sector. 

You might even score a good deal. Also, ask your company whether they have any tie-ups with any hotel or not, this way you can get a corporate discount.

Always Compare Prices And Make Use Of Coupons

The worst possible thing you can do is to select the first hotel and the first rate you see and book it right away. If you are opting for hotel booking, just visiting the hotel’s official site is not enough. Use apps that aggregate hotel rooms and their prices and compare them for you. Save money on your trip rather than compromising on the accommodation you want by using coupon codes and promos. 

There are apps that offer you the benefit of buying coupons and codes and making use of them to get good deals. You might even get discounts, where you book a hotel for 2 nights but pay for one night by using coupons. 

Decide On Your Location First

This is another crucial tip and might seem obvious, but you need to first decide on a location before you book any hotel. There are many hotels near the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, but they are pretty far away from the shore. Again there are hotels located near the beach but are far away from the mall. 

Tourists, then have to rely on cabs to travel and this could get expensive. So first decide where you wish to spend your time the most, the beach or the malls. If you are not much of a shopping person, then go to hotels near the beach or Palm Jumeirah. 

Do Not always Concentrate On The Stars

Hotel prices depend a great deal on the number of stars, and as a tourist that would be the first thing you would be focusing on too. The greater the number of starts, the better the hotel would be. However, stars cannot be the only criteria to determine whether it is good or not. Sometimes hotels can have several stars that have been bestowed on them several years ago, yet the present reviews say otherwise. How clean the hotel is, the efficiency, the hygiene, the service, the view, everything matters. 

When checking any hotel, you must see whether it offers just accommodation, whether it offers all major meals or not, the location, and others. Reviews are of vital importance because then you get a real outlook on the services and the facilities of the hotel you are opting for.

Views in rooms result in different price points. So in the same hotel, if you are looking for a beach view or a bigger room, you have to pay a lot more. If your priority is to stay outdoors as much as possible or eat local cuisines outside, then you could go for the lower category rooms and not pay for something you will not be enjoying much.

Keep a watch on the apps which offer you hotel booking services and wait until prices go down. Because once you book you would be stuck with that price. Always use promo codes and save money on hotels to put towards shopping in Dubai malls and local markets!