Internshala Launches New Initiative Intern With Icon !

internshala intern icon

Internshala has a launched a new initiative, Intern with Icon, where they deliver once in lifetime internship opportunities for you to intern with your role models. The program launched on 15th September is open to registration until 25th September.

The objective of the program is to bring internships for students under the mentorship of iconic people from different walks (startup, business, academia, social work, film industry, etc.) of life and give students and opportunity to learn qualities that enable one to pursue great challenges with widespread impact.

In season one, Prof HC Verma & Ms Nandita Das are on board and taking interns under them for different positions. Students are very excited about this initiative and a massive number of applications has been received so far.

“Internshala has been steadfast in its effort to help students discover their passion and excel in their field through internships. Intern with Icon is a great opportunity for every student irrespective of his/her social or academic background to learn from Prof. H.C Verma and Ms. Nandita Das and achieve success”, says Sarvesh Agrawal, the Founder & CEO of Internshala, on the launch of this initiative

Dr. H C Verma is a professor of Physics at IIT Kanpur who has dedicated his life to improve the standards of Science education in the country. Internship with this icon is aimed at designing of Physics Experiments.

Ms. Nandita Das, a great actor known for her films such as Fire, Earth and a great director whose debut film Firaaq has won critical acclaim all over the world. In this internship she focuses on helping the students intern on research, content writing, social media/ graphic design administration.

The objective of the program is to bring internship opportunities for students in India under iconic people from different walks of life. This initiative is the first of its kind in India (and perhaps in the world). Through this program, Internshala brings students opportunities to work with the leaders and learn directly from them.

They’re currently preparing season two, which will be launched in Nov.