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HELP! Introvert Boss: How To Communicate?


There is a difference between being friendly with your boss and maintaining a friendly relationship. As people like Elon Musk (Space X) and Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) are living examples of successful boss’s who made it to the book of game changers of introvert bosses, even when they had walls that employees found hard to work with. Communicating with your boss is very important to make sure that you grow in the company and also develop a friendly work environment which inculcates the right performance.

So here are a few tricks and tips on how to break through those walls and reach a place with your boss that doesn’t make you come off as the boss’s pet.

1. MAN TO MAN. Plan One On One Meetings


Crowds and a lot of interaction that drains an introvert. Subsequently, introverts want to decide where they direct the energy they have, and they want people to be respectful of their space. Requesting a one-on-one meeting ensures that your boss won’t be over-stimulated and can give you their full attention. Make sure that these meetings are pre-planned and that you aren’t in a hurry.

Also remember while communicating with your boss, that he will be a busy man. After all, he is your boss!

2. Email’s Or Chat’s – Don’t Call!

Many introverts prefer written content  (e.g., email). They prefer referring to the text for accuracy and pondering what you’re saying, so keep your text message to the point and don’t try to be funny.


If you call your introverted boss, you stop their train of thought, demanding their attention and giving them no power over whether to allocate their precious energy reserves to you. Plus the chances of you calling your Boss, and having him pick up or call you back is much less, than him replying to your emails.

3. Think Ahead And Wait

Introverts can work when put in the spotlight. Keep an eye on your project calendar, and get in touch with your boss right away if you perceive a current or potential issue. This will take time but your introverted boss will spend time researching, inquiring, and considering different variables and will come back to you when he can answer you confidently.

4. Find Out What He Wants

Introverts aren’t necessarily shy, neither are they as quick as extroverts to express themselves. They don’t have much to say and the hesitation can lead to unnecessary conflicts. If you’re not sure what your boss’ preferences are, ask.

5. NO If’s NO Butt’s While Communicating With Your Boss

Most introverts are drawn to details that can aid them in decision making. Interaction can be exhausting for them, however, stick to the topic and give only specific and relevant information. If your boss pushes you to focus on a specific area or move forward, this doesn’t mean that they are disinterested, it just means that they rather prefer you focus your time on something they are confident about.

This video by ComCast will definitely help you communicate better with your boss:

As you try to communicate with your Boss, remember, that this process might take time. Introversion is neither “wrong” nor “right.” You’re an introvert or you’re not. As long as you’re respectful of what your Boss thinks, respectful of his time and space and get the job done, you shall have no problem with your Boss.

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