smallcases on HDFC Securities

Investment start-up, Smallcase received an undisclosed sum of funding from HDFC Bank

smallcases on HDFC Securities
Source: smallcases on HDFC Securities

One of India’s largest private investor, HDFC Bank has invested an undisclosed amount in investment start-up, Smallcase as a part of its recently concluded Series B funding round.

Smallcase is a stock basket or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that are based on a model and strategy. In case you are unaware of what stocks to invest your money in, go with Smallcase as it will help you build a long-term and affordable portfolio in just a few clicks. The stock basket will ensure to be diversified because we all have learnt to not put all eggs in one basket.

The platform is operated by trusted SEBI-registered professionals who have created these stock baskets with over 50 unique investment strategies, plans and ideas.

The investment start-up has recently concluded its Series B funding round with USD 14 million received from existing investors Sequoia Capital India, Blume Ventures and DSP Group, according to

Smallcase was founded five years ago, in 2015 by Anuragh Shrivastava, Vasanth Kamath and Rohan Gupta who are all IIT Kharagpur graduates. The start-up allows customers to invest in theme-based stocks’ packages with their existing broker DEMAT account.

The platform supports several leading brokers in the market including HDFC Securities, 5paisa, Axis Direct, Trustline, Upstox, Kotak Securities, Edelweiss, Alice Blue, IIFL and Zerodha-Kite as mentioned on the company website.

As reported by MoneyControl, Nandikishore Purohit, Head of Digital Business, HDFC Securities mentioned in a statement that HDFC Bank has always aimed to join hands with financial technology firms such as Smallcase, as a part of their core strategy for providing their customers with a best in class, differentiated experience through all their platforms and products. He adds that this investment made by HDFC Bank will further strengthen its partnership with Smallcase for future initiatives to deliver best-in-class customer experience.

Smallcase is a stock investment platform for new investors as well as experienced investors. For anyone who is new to investments and the stock market, this is the right platform. If you are unaware of what stocks to invest in, Smallcase has its diversified portfolio ready. Furthermore, the ownership of these shares is directly linked to the individual’s DEMAT Account. There is complete transparency about stocks, weigh your options and decide according to your risk profile.

For those of you who are experienced in stock marketing and investing, Smallcase also provides advanced strategies devised by SEBI-registered professionals. One can customise Smallcases portfolio before investing and even get the option to create their own diversified Smallcase portfolio.

The option is affordable and a choice of HDFC Bank that they have funded the start-up with an undisclosed amount along with several other top-tier investors.