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iPads, MacBooks, and other Apple devices are currently on sale



Apple releases a flurry of new hardware almost every autumn. It coincides with the start of the school year, which means older electronics are discounted. Wait for Apple’s September event if you want the latest and greatest. However, if you’re wanting to save money, we’ve uncovered some fantastic bargains on iPads, MacBooks, the Apple Watch, and other Apple products. If you’re finishing up that supply list, don’t forget to look at these great back-to-school offers.

iPad Deals


For $500 ($100 discount), you can get an Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, 2020).

The iPad Air is your best bet if you’re searching for a tablet that can also serve as a workstation. The pricing is same to the lowest we’ve found. It’s the “Goldilocks” iPad: not too powerful, nor too weak. It boasts a fast processor, Touch ID, USB-C charging, and even looks like the more expensive iPad Pro.

For $300 ($30 discount), you can get an Apple iPad (10.2-inch, 2020)

This deal isn’t actually a deal. For the past six months, the basic iPad has been hovering around this pricing, but it does occasionally rise up to $320. This model lacks the bells and whistles of the iPad Air, but that doesn’t make it inferior. For the most part, it is the best tablet.

$315 ($85 off) iPad Mini (7.9-inch, 2019)

You’ll save an additional $35 at checkout, bringing the iPad Mini’s pricing to the lowest we’ve seen. The iPad Mini is an excellent tablet for travellers and light packers. Even though it’s small and light, weighing just over half a pound, the 8-inch screen doesn’t feel cramped.

For $750 ($50 off), you can get an iPad Pro (11-inch, 2021).

This price was $50 lower earlier this week, so it’s reasonable to anticipate another reduction to $700 in the near future. The Pro is the way to go if you insist on getting the most luxurious iPad on the market. It is available in two sizes. The 12.9-inch version, which has a considerably sharper screen, is also reduced.

For $99 ($30 discount), you can get an Apple Pencil (2nd Generation).

We’ve never seen it sell for cheaper. One of the most appealing features for iPad users is the Apple Pencil. It has good pressure sensitivity and may be used to take notes, draw, and perform other stylus-like tasks. It may not work with all iPad models, so double-check before buying. If you require the older, first-generation Apple Pencil for your iPad, you’re in luck: it’s also on sale.



$190 for AirPods Pro ($60 discount)

The AirPods Pro may have an MSRP of $250, but they’ve been retailing for somewhere between $190 and $197 since March. You’re saving around $15 compared to the average price. Still, $190 is less than $197, so if you don’t want to wait, now is the time to buy.

$470 ($80 discount) for AirPods Max

For various hues of the AirPods Max, this is the lowest price we’ve seen. These are exorbitantly priced, but that has never deterred Apple fans in the past.



For $899 ($100 discount), you can get an Apple MacBook Air with M1 (2020).

You’ll enjoy tremendous performance and a full day’s worth of battery life. It’s also silent, even when working hard, because there’s no fan.

For $1,100 ($200 discount), you can get an Apple MacBook Pro with M1 (2020).

This variant has a somewhat more processing power than the MacBook Air. It boasts a brighter display and a longer battery life.

For $600 ($100 discount), you can get a Mac Mini (2020).

Although you’ll need to supply your own display, keyboard, and mouse, the Mac Mini offers a small footprint and excellent performance. If you don’t require an Apple product, there are other desktop solutions available.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 6 is available for $325 ($75 discount).

For the most part, this is the best Apple Watch. It’s more than simply a timepiece with its always-on display and built-in health tracking functions.

For $250 ($30 off), you can get an Apple Watch SE.

Because this bargain is in and out of stock, make sure to look at all of the size and colour options. During Black Friday 2020, the Apple Watch SE was reduced to $230, which is the same as the next-lowest price. The SE is ideal for those who don’t require all of the features featured in the Series 6.



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