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iPhone 12 series facing excessive battery drain

Apple’s latest offering in the form of the iPhone 12 series has been marvelous. The company has addressed all the small issues we had in the previous versions and improved the already good features. This included using an F-HD AMOLED display with HDR support on all their devices and upgrading the design. All in all, the iPhone 12 series has been great and took a step forward in almost every direction except battery. Now, reports have surfaced saying that the iPhone 12 series users have been facing an excessive battery drain issue.

iPhone 12 series battery issue

Before I start talking about the battery issues, note that the iPhone 12 devices have a comparatively smaller battery than the iPhone 11 series. This is also a major factor for the poorer battery life when you consider it alongside the iPhone 11, pro, and pro max. Many users have been reporting that their iPhone 12 has been facing excessive battery drain issues when kept on standby. This is weird because iPhones tend to have the best standby time and negligent battery drain when not in use.

iPhone 12 series

Image Souce: PhoneArena

A user posted on Apple forums that his device had excessive battery drain with almost no background activity. He said that he notices that his iPhone 12 pro is draining much faster than his iPhone 11 pro. And even after he turned off 5g, it didn’t make an actual difference. The user also pointed out that more than 98% time, he stays on Wi-Fi, so there’s that.

Will this battery issue affect iPhone sales?

Apple Announces iPhone 12 Series: mini, Regular, Pro & Pro Max, all with 5G

Well, though it is difficult to say, the answer is probably no. This is because the sales of their new lineup have already been surpassing the anticipated demand. Plus, as the holiday season is coming the sales are expected to rise even further and Apple is going to take a positive leap into 2021. Though the sales of the iPhone 12 and the 12 mini were not as high as they expected the sales of those devices are compensated by the higher models.

But yes the network issues and the screen irregularities issue that surfaced in some devices might affect the sales a bit. It might not be much but enthusiasts like us might back out for a while until Apple completely fixes the issues.

Do you own any device from the iPhone 12 series? If yes do let us know if you are facing such a battery drain issue on your unit. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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