Ireland fines Instagram for being Careless With Children’s Data

As per recent reports, Ireland has fined Instagram approximately $400 million for being careless with children’s data. Go through the entire article to learn more about this news piece.

Ireland fines Instagram

It was found through an investigation that the children’s data has not been handled well by the social media website hence it has been charged with a fine of approximately $400 million”.We adopted our final decision last Friday and it does contain a fine of 405 million euros,” a spokesperson for Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), said. However, full details of the decision will be published next week. The parent company of Instagram, Meta will be appealing against the file in the court in order to get some relief. The investigation being talked started in the year 2020. “Instagram updated its settings over a year ago and has since released new features to keep teens safe and their information private”, the Meta spokesperson said. The spokesperson also added that Instagram is not happy with how the fine was calculated and is looking into the decision again.

About Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps around the world. It is owned by Meta. This company firmly believes in connecting people and communities together in the best way possible. its aim is to create a free and safe space for people to share their personal and professional lives along with creating a safe space to grow and expand your work and business. You can choose to express yourself by using the unique features that have been introduced by this app. These features will help you express yourself to the world in the way you want them to see it. It is a great platform for networking and socializing and also an amazing space to share your creative content for people to see and admire.


Data protection committee as the name says itself, is a body to protect people’s data. This Irish body is entrusted with this task which is why it is running cases against many of the meta companies like Facebook and Whatsapp. The main motive of the officials of the DPC is to protect the data of their citizens and help them keep it guarded. It is an independent body that also has the power to listen to problems of people revolving around data privacy and help them resolve them. This body is also entrusted with the task of conducting investigations and enquiries.