A signage of Shopee, the e-commerce arm of Sea Ltd, is pictured at its office in Singapore
Image Courtesy: Edgar Su

Tech Workers in Deep Waters as Shopee cancels Job Offers

Recent reports suggest that Shopee, one of the most popular e-commerce firms in the southeast has canceled job offers. Go through the entire article to learn more about this news piece.

Cancellation of job offers

The cancellation of jobs by the company has been done to cope with the ongoing losses and low revenue growth. Due to these reasons, the company found it appropriate to cancel job offers. Reuter had a chat with some people who were about to start working for the e-commerce company but were chucked out just days before they had to officially start working for Shopee. A 26-year engineer Wang said that”I thought it was a scam call … until I realized it was a widespread rescinding of offers by Shopee,” said Wang, who had by then paid an advance to rent a house. “The cost of taking legal action is too high. I just want to move on and find a new job,” said one of the four people interviewed by Reuters who declined to be identified. When the company was asked to comment, “Due to adjustments to hiring plans on some tech teams, a number of roles at Shopee are no longer available. We are working closely to support those affected,” a company representative said. Despite these changes, Sea will continue to invest in the company and will fully contribute to making it grow and expand further.


Shopee is a company that came into existence in the year 2015. It is an e-commerce firm. The main objective of this company is to provide its customers with the best shopping experiences with excellent customer care services. The company believes that online shopping is convenient and fun and therefore aims to make the shopping experience even more joyous by providing the best services.


For people who are not aware of what an e-commerce firm is, it is basically purchasing and selling products over the internet. Online shopping is E-commerce. Therefore, Shopee is an example of an e-commerce firm. E-commerce is extremely convenient for people as you can buy anything and everything online. Due to this reason, this space has become extremely fierce with a lot of competition. E-commerce can an extremely essential tool to grow and expand your business. You can take your business to a global level through e-commerce. You just need to come up with the payment gateway and you will be sorted. in simple words, e-commerce is using technology in the best way possible for the buying and selling of goods.