Is it time to cancel Netflix?

A Netflix subscription is often a key to unlimited entertainment as it offers a wide and interesting spectrum of shows and movies. Whether you are a fan of action, adventure, romance, to lovestruck Korean dramas, Netflix has got you covered. A cauldron full of shows and a good couch, and the weekend seems promising. However, at the moment, netizens have a bone to pick with the popular streaming service. Echoes of “Cancel Netflix” are rising on Twitter. Why are netizens suddenly angry with Netflix? Read along to know more.


The What And Why

If you have been in possession of a Netflix subscription for quite some time, you might have noticed that Netflix has a tendency to abruptly cancel shows after the first season. While some cancellations come with a lot of noise across the web, others are silently swept under the carpet. The cancellations are mostly on account of viewership and by default the profits. However, fans of shows often won’t be ready to comprehend these viewers vs cost logic, and backlash is inevitable.

What irks the netizens is the fact that there is no solid or visible reason or statistics that justify the cancellation of the shows by the streaming giant. Recently, Netflix drew the curtains over ‘Standing Up,’ a french dramedy series. If the rumors are to be believed, the show was given the ax despite the second season being written.

At the moment, the viral displeasure is coming from the fans of ‘First Kill’ which has also been canceled after the first season. The displeasure is aggravated by the fact that the show was canceled despite having double the viewing hours of another Netflix hit, ‘Heartstopper.’ Is Netflix playing favorites? Let us go through a few reactions and responses on Twitter to see what Twitterati thinks about this cryptic cancellation policy.

The Twitter town thinks that Netflix is playing favorites.

‘First Kill’ fans are baring their fangs

You cannot just leave people hanging Netflix!

Well, the anger is quite justified.

Is it time to take that big step?

The discussion is edging into serious waters now.


Killing ‘First Kill’ was not the wisest of decisions

Questions without answers

Looks like Netflix hit the wrong spot this time.

Unfinished stories aren’t always so romantic.

Looks like ‘First Kill’ cancellation was the last nail in the coffin for viewers.