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Jack Dorsey was heckled at the Bitcoin 2021 conference

Jack Dorsey was one of the primary speakers at the Bitcoin 2o21 conference in Miami. He was on the stage and talking about Bitcoin when one of the audience interrupted him. Jack Dorsey has heckled by saying that while he is talking about the decentralization of Bitcoin, he himself is the reason for censorship on Twitter. The woman that passed the mean comments and interrupted the conference was Laura Loomer as you can see in this tweet below.

Who is Laura Loomer?

If you read about her, google doesn’t tell you much good. She is an American far-right anti-muslim conspiracy theorist. Laura was also the Republican nominee in Florida once. She has also worked as undercover agents in media organizations and left-leaning groups. All in all, she is not someone who will be blocked on social media without any reason.

Even Jake Lobin shared about it and said how other social media sites have blocked her too. She is not a pain just for Twitter that Dorsey had to block her. Her actions on social media have been questionable which is why all platforms have taken the step. And I pretty sure that going to the conference and heckling Jack Dorsey is not doing her any good.

Wikipedia says that she has also been banned from payment processors, food delivery, and other platforms for spreading hate and misinformation. And by the way, this was not the first attempt of her at heckling others. She has also been banned from the Conservative Political Action conference for heckling reporters.

What are your thoughts on Jack Dorsey being heckled at Bitcoin 2021 conference? And do you think that Laura Loomer should be kept banned? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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