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Monday turned out to be a great day for the start-up Neo Dove as it received a huge & massive funding eventually taken forward by the company India quotient. To know the full story let’s get into the details.



The start-up was founded less than 12 months back in August 2020.

The major figures were Arpit Khandelwal and Ankit Agarwal.

It is basically an artificial intelligence customer & communication reporting solution that provides great level of engagement. The major objective was to make the process more easy for the organizations in order to increase the efficiency & productivity.

The client base is also quite diverse having major players across industries like real Estate, Automotive, Edutech, fintech, and health care. The core quality has been the major area that they focus upon. The company focuses on leading with a great analytical ability, intuition & passion to develop networks and provide best possible solutions to the customers.

The prominent clients are Hero, Bajaj Motorcycles, Honda, KIA, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, TVS, Royal Enfield, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Renault, Tata Motors, Mind Champs.



The company brings solution to the ever- green question as to why people should choose the company. The possible benefits are:


  • Real Time Data Analytics– The access to reports is the major area to focus as they help to facilitate a well decision making. They have a major concern to increase profits.
  • 360-degree Lead Management– Leads are the new areas to focus as they help in updation & clear growth in the industry.
  • Productivity & Monitoring– Effective monitoring is the key to efficiency as it enables to eliminate the waste in the operations.
  • Customer Engagement – Conversations are used to make the sales and experiences designed according to customized requirements.




The round of funding was led by the company India Quotient. The participation was of many angel investors like Sumit Agarwal; who has founded the company Vyapar & Ankit Garg ; founder of Wakefit.

The major goals of funding will be to focus on the product development & growth expansion and majorly looking forward to get a great customer base in India. The co-founder stated that the company’s products help to engage customers in the entire ecosystem by the much efficient AI.

The main question that raises in case of start ups is that why the leading investor trusted in the brand. This time we have an answer and that too quite convincing

Madhukar Sinha, Co-founder and General Partner at India Quotient said, “NeoDove’s process-driven approach to automation is a paradigm change for the SMB market. The SMBs are under a lot of pressure to digitise, and this is going to be a massive opportunity for growth. We believe SaaS-based automation tools for SMBs will be a game changer, and are excited that NeoDove is very well positioned to capitalise on this opportunity.”

Now; the interesting thing is that the Indian SaaS start ups will be having a good market share of 7-9% by the next year. This year would be quite transformative as it would provide great gains.



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