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New ‘Homepod’ Models Featuring Screen & Camera reportedly Is In Under Development Phase by Apple
Soon after original HomePod was cancelled, there were rumours that Apple was working on "new speakers with screens and cameras"

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman briefly noted that Apple has “developed new speakers with screens and cameras” in a report that today focuses on an unactivated temperature/humidity sensor in the HomePod mini.

In addition, Apple the report also mentioned that Apple has been on works for developing an inactivated HomePod mini temperature/humidity sensor.

This analysis found that, for Apple, the concept of new HomePod models with the display and camera could at least be explored in competition with Google’s Nest Hub Max, Echo Show Amazon, and Facebook, but he warns that “the launch is not imminent,” so that Apple will not be releasing such a product.

Apple worked on an updated version of the precious smart speaker to be published in 2022 before the larger HomePod’s timely death. Whether the project has been canceled, however, is unknown.

He also discusses that with screens and cameras, the company is producing new smart speakers. However, he adds “there is no impending launcher.” Google and Amazon, Apple’s main smart speaker rivals, offer devices with displays, respectively the Nest Hub and the Echo Show line so the tech giant probably considers at least launching a comparable device.

Apple’s New HomePod – Good Competitor Against Google & Amazon

Apple's New HomePod - Good Competitor Against Google & Amazon

Apple’s New HomePod – Good Competitor Against Google & Amazon

The next 2nd-gen nest hub in Google features new sleep monitoring capabilities, while the 3rd-gen echo show 10 will actually pivot and track people.

Apple’s upcoming Homepod with Screens will be the main competitor to Google’s Nest Hub Max which features a 10-inch touchscreen, which could be operated by Google Assistant via voice.

The Nest Hub Max enables users to view daily news such as the weather and calendar appointments, stream Netflix video and other Chromecast sources, play music via the hi-fi system, make video calls using the built-in 6.5-megapixel camera, and control intelligent home appliances, and more.

The Nest Hub Max also serves as a “smart digital photo frame” to photo albums and can show a live video feed for a kitchen countertop or a bedside table from Nest cameras and video doorbells.

If it ever gets onto the market, Apple’s camera-equipped homepod is likely to offer similar features such as FaceTime Video Calling and HomeKit integration.

Apple announced earlier this month that it would stop the full-size HomePod and move its focus on the HomePod mini. Gurman said Apple also lacks a “union strategy” for the intelligent home market, some people seemingly blaming Siri for lack of progress in comparison to Alexa and Google Assistant. It remains to be seen if new HomePod models have been implemented with screens and cameras.

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