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Jet Airways CEO States Things to Avoid for Airline Companies
It has been just a month since the air industry veteran joined Jet Airways

The chief executive officer of Jet Airways, Mr. Sanjiv Kapoor took to Twitter and shared a list of things that all airlines should abstain from doing as he recently travelled internationally in Europe. He said that he boarded a full-service carrier flight in Europe and pin pointed three areas that Indian based airlines should stop doing if they are to compete with international airlines in terms of quality, ambience, and experience.

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He first said the airline employees doing their bookings as well as checking’s on the business class lines which only makes those lines longer and makes the people who paid extra for a better experience to wait for a longer time.

He also said mention the glum and expressionless faces and demeanour that airline staff have and he often has to remind his staff to wear their priority tag which they often don’t either due to inefficiency or complacency.

He then mentioned that the execution of the priority boarding is subpar compared to the one in Europe and that it needs to be improved as well at the stair gate.

Mr. Sanjiv Kapoor took the role of chief executive officer of Jet Airways just over a month ago on April 4th, 2022. According to his LinkedIn, he is a veteran in the travel industry and has previously worked at similar companies like Vistara, SpiceJet where he was their chief operating officer and de facto chief executive officer for three years till 2105 from 2013.

He has well over two decades of experience working with various airline companies and other companies in the travel industry and Jet Airways hiring him shows true intent in their business and growth goals.

On his tweet, he replied to it saying that the priority bags were the final bags to reach the conveyer belt which is completely counterproductive as they messed up the basics of travel and customer care.

The tweet which he put out on April 7th; Saturday has since been making the rounds across social media as it has garnered scores of likes in just over a day. Many people replied to his Tweet and one of the top replies was a question asking Mr. Kapoor what airlines he had travelled in to prompt such a tweet and he said that his lips are sealed.

It seems like Mr. Sanjiv Kapoor is very passionate about the work he does in the airline industry and only time will tell if he will be a hit at Jet Airways.