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Kerala Chief minister launches ‘Swatantra’ IT facility

Today, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has now launched and revealed a ‘Swatantra’ which is billed as one of the largest integrated open sources and free IT facility in the government sector.

An initiative of the International Centre for the Open and Free Source Software, Swtantra would also house the open and free source software Incubation Center and Training Space.

It is also aimed at enhancing the government agenda of promoting democratic access to the information with the objective of sustainable economic development.

ICFOSS is an institution set up by the Kerala government and having the combined mandate of the popularizing FOSS for universal use.

In the year 2001, Kerala becomes one of the first states in India to adopt a pro-FOSS IT policy, and even later in 2009, the state government started ICFOSS headquartered in the Thrivanthapuram.

In the month of March 2015, the Indian central government has also announced a policy of adoption of FOSS.

Picture Credits: Open Source



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