Kevin O'Leary gets bashed

Kevin O’Leary doesn’t plan to sell his crypto in the bear market

Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank doesn’t have any plan to sell his crypto despite the bear market kicking in. He said one just has to stomach it and understand that with crypto, “you’ll get volatility.” Kevin has been a vocal crypto enthusiast and looks at a crypto investment as betting on software development teams. He holds a lot of Ethereum and believes that it is going to be bigger than Bitcoin.

Kevin is not selling: Are you?

Kevin was in a recent interview by the Insider where he talked about BTC and cryptocurrencies in general. He said that he is not selling anything. Investors also have to understand that volatility will be there and that “some projects aren’t going to work.” Kevin has a huge bet on the crypto space. Reports say that he has 32 positions and is also an investor in Wonderfi technologies, a crypto platform.

Kevin O'Leary doesn't plan to sell his crypto
Kevin O’Leary

In terms of coins, his biggest holdings are the top two coins which are Ethereum and Bitcoin. He also holds USDC, Polygon, Solana, and equity of the exchange FTX. Currently, cryptocurrencies represent 18% of his entire portfolio, down 3% in the last few weeks due to the crash.

Kevin believes that once proper regulations are introduced, and crypto policies are designed, we will see inflows of trillions of dollars in the market. He also said that crypto would become the 12th sector of the US economy in a decade.

Comments on the Luna crash

Talking about the latest crash of Luna and UST, Kevin explained that it taught us a lot. The crash showed that this isn’t the way to make a stablecoin. Such things will happen and educate the masses as the market continues to mature. He also said that such a crash doesn’t majorly impact global markets. Yes, investors lost a lot of money, but they now know what not to do.

This is why it is essential to research a project well before investing and not discard negative comments about a project altogether. Many people warned about Luna’s faulty design online, but hardly anyone listened.

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