Kevin O'Leary gets bashed

Kevin O’Leary talks about investing in BTC, his portfolio is 10% crypto

Kevin O’Leary has been slowly increasing his exposure to crypto and talks about investing in BTC. Kevin recently said that if you are an investor that it is a must-own asset for you. This makes sense as we should understand that as investors, it will be critical to invest in things that are hot right now. And diversification is one of the most important things for any portfolio.

Kevin’s advice for crypto investors

In a recent interview with the Bitcoin Magazine, Kevin gave some important advice to crypto investors. He said that the goal is to explore the assets, start small and understand the platforms. Explore all options you have, like using a centralized wallet, a decentralized one, DEXs, and more. He also said that you have to learn how to work with BTC. There are a lot of ways of owning the same and many more ways to approach it.

Kevin O'Leary has been slowly increasing his exposure to crypto and talks about investing in BTC.

Kevin also shared about his own son, who has been fully accustomed to all the ways of owning BTC, trading it, and even staking it. He has’t even gone to a bank branch even once, and Kevin doesn’t even know why would he? And the best part is he has done all of this on his own. Many people make mistakes and lose their coins, make losses, but they don’t repeat the same thing and just create awareness about it.

I think that what Kevin is trying to tell here is that before you own crypto, you should understand it. The ways it is used, stored, traded is very important to experience and know before you enter the space. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will lose money in crypto.

Kevin has been steadily increasing his portfolio

It is clear that Kevin has been slowly increasing his crypto portfolio. At the start of 2021, he just had 3% crypto in his portfolio, and then the goal was to make it 7% by the end of the year. But here we are on November 15th, with him having over 10% in his portfolio. In fact, Kevin also said that his exposure to crypto had become more than Gold which is the general trend we are seeing with more investors. Some are still stuck with the idea of Gold being non-replaceable (maybe it is maybe it’s not) but exploring other options are important too.

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