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The best Video editor: Joyoshare Media cutter

Being a content creator or not, having a media cutter in your apps library is very important. Sometimes it comes in handy to make meme content on your friends to post on their birthday, and sometimes to clip the favorite part of a song on your status. But most Media cutters out there are laggy and just don’t come with enough features.

After researching and trying out various apps to find the best solution, we came across the Joyoshare video cutter that offers all the necessary features one expects in such an app. Joyoshare sets a benchmark for how video cutters must be. It’s not always that we come across an app that we can recommend, but having used it for the past few days, we are impressed.

Key features of Joyoshare media cutter

Let’s take a closer look at the media cutter’s key features that set it apart from other department apps.

1) Lossless cutting

Most of the time, while using a video cutter, we faced quality degradation of the original sample. Overall this affected the quality of the projects and videos we made severely. But, with the Joyoshare video cutter, we didn’t come across the same problem. The app is excellent and provides truly lossless output for both audio and video, keeping the quality intact.

2) Fast and smooth experience

While working for long hours, it’s essential to enjoy the experience of it. Joyoshare’s video cutter app provides a fast and smooth experience while using it with up to 60% faster speeds to cut and merge videos from the same source.

3) Brings all essential features at one place

The best part of the app is that it provides all the essential features in one place. This enhances the entire experience of using the video cutter. Some of these features include a built-in editor to rotate, crop, watermark, flip, subtitle, and apply effects. 

4) Audio and Video customization options

Joyoshare’s video cutter offers the customization option that many other apps don’t. With options to customize resolution, codec, sample rate, and many other options. It also provides the option to convert videos to various resolutions like M4V, MP4, AVI, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, 3G2, MKV, WMV, ASF, H.264, VRO, OGV, PMVB, MP3, etc. 

5) Inbuilt Media player

Having an excellent media editing experience provides a feature-rich media player that can be used to view videos simultaneously while editing. It also provides an inbuilt real-time preview window.

6) Frame Selection

An excellent feature of the Joyoshare media cutter is the option to edit frame by frame. This enables editors to edit the perfect part of a video and even make the smallest selection. You can skip each and every frame and get the perfect scene by using the app. 

Advantages of using Joyoshare Video cutter

While choosing/purchasing an app for long term use, it is necessary to take a look at its advantages. Here are the advantages we came across while using the app extensively over the past week:

  • The most important benefit that we felt while using the app was that we save a lot of time. If you are into editing and using apps to cut video clips for making content, then the app’s excellent interface and its features saved us a lot of time.
  • The option to extract audios from videos and conversion to almost every type of video standard saved me a lot of effort, and I could do all my work from a single app. 
  • The watermark option came in very handy to add our brand’s watermark on videos, so they cannot be used anywhere else.
  • Well, when you start to use an app, you never know if you will like it and if it works for you. So, the app also provides a trial option that can be used to examine it before actually going ahead and purchasing the key.
  • There are many video effects in the app that helped us improve the overall look and feel of our edit. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, and also crop parts of a selective part of the video to make good edits.

Plans and Pricing

The excellent video cutter app is not very expensive and offers good value for its offered price. It comes with three plans at different price points which you can choose from according to your needs.

  1. Single license Plan: The single license plan comes at a price of $29.95. In this plan, you will receive updates and support on only one PC.
  2. Family plan: If you have many people in your family who require access to a video editor app, this plan is for you. It comes with a one-time payment of $49.95 and can be accessed on 5 devices.
  3. Unlimited plan: If you change your devices frequently and edit videos a lot, the $69.95 unlimited plan will come in handy. This plan offers unlimited device changes and lifetime support and updates.

Well, suppose you are in the market looking for an excellent option to cut video for professional or personal use. In that case, the Joyoshare video cutter is the best option, in our opinion. Having used the app personally, I can vouch for it to be the best media editor I have used to date. Do give it a shot because once you do, you will start enjoying your work more.



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