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KillerLaunch – Helping Indian Companies hire candidates & interns amid COVID19

Takeaway: KillerLaunch aims at providing safe Work From Home jobs & internships to all its users through its platform.

Covid-19 has taken a toll on our lives. According to reports, India’s unemployment rate has fallen rapidly in June due to the rising layoffs in companies, which has become the source of stress for many. Given the situation, for the ones that are employed professionals, working from home is regarded as the best way of working your job without compromising your safety. 


KillerLaunch is one platform that has come with a solution for both! KillerLaunch, a leading recruitment search portal, is helping Indian companies hire candidates and interns amid COVID-19 lockdown. Currently, the KillerLaunch.com platform is focusing on providing an array of Work From Home jobs opportunities hailing from different industries and sectors for all- students, graduates, and young professionals. 

Helping students accelerate their careers

Multiple students and young freshers are standing on the threshold of beginning their journey as a professional. Sadly, due to the global pandemic and the rising unemployment rates, a pause button has been pushed, with many losing their first job and internship opportunities. KillerLaunch doesn’t want a student’s or fresher’s year 2020 go waste. 


Various full-time and part-time Work From Home internships are being offered to students and freshers from multiple streams like marketing, sales, media, etc., serving as the perfect chance of building their career while staying safe at home. The freshers graduating as the class of 2020 can also find jobs and full-time internship opportunities listed down on Killerlaunch’s website to give their career a killer launch!


Earn extra income

Covid-19 has also caused a severe budget crisis for many households that are continually looking for part-time jobs to help them pay the bills. Multiple online jobs related to typing, data entry, etc. have also been listed on KillerLaunch.com for the individuals willing to dedicate some hours of their day to earn that extra income. 


Such jobs do not require any specific skills or educational qualifications and can be done by anyone having a functional desktop and stable internet connection. Owing to the technological advancement we’ve had in the past decade, individuals can now make extra income on the internet by working remotely.

Workplace digitization is a revolutionary change that helps individuals hailing from different corners of the country to work on building their dream careers from their hometowns. KillerLaunch also provides you with a chance to earn exciting gifts and vouchers under its Partner Program, your chance to be in influencer marketing.


Opportunities for artists and tech enthusiasts

While employment opportunities for tech and non-tech companies are available easily, artists and designers often find it hard to search for profile-based jobs on regular job search platforms. KillerLaunch has been exclusively curated to cater to the employment needs of all, which is why you can find all types of jobs like that for a graphic designer, website designer, game tester, etc. on their website. 


On the other hand, the technical background is a vast space where the job roles can vary from post to post. Some organizations offer backend tech opportunities to freshers and young professionals, while some tech firms look for individuals hailing from the tech background for some non-tech work. Thankfully, no matter what your educational qualification is, KillerLaunch helps you in rising your way to the top through its intricately designed filter search to fetch you better results with every click. 


Free job & internship postings for companies

Given the current situation, not only have many individuals lost their jobs but some companies, especially startups, have also seen a rapid surge in their revenue. Due to the immense budget constraints that such companies have been witnessing, KillerLaunch has willingly opened their arms towards helping organizations in their own way. 


Companies can post job and internship openings for their firm free of cost on the KillerLaunch platform. The wholesome platform offers end-to-end services to both the companies who want to hire and the individuals who wish to be hired. 

KillerLaunch already has thousands of job seekers continually finding employment opportunities from their field on the platform and strives to provide its users with the best user-experience through its smooth and easy-to-use platform. Turn your job dreams into a reality, and don’t let Covid-19 hinder your way to the top in your career with KillerLaunch.com




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