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Know how Afleo Consultants is becoming a unique Service Provider in the Import-Export Consultancy sector using Technology.

Afleo Consultants is a technology-driven business services platform rendering consultancy services to Indian Exporters, Importers & Manufacturers, which involves interaction with Ministries of Commerce / Industries at New Delhi and Offices of Director General of Foreign Trade (‘DGFT’) in major Indian cities.

We provide following services related to DGFT

  • Services to the exporters to obtain the benefits under various Government Incentive schemes,
  • Authorisations/Import License to Importers to save various duties.
  • Custom registration of Licenses obtained from DGFT.

How technologies helping Afleo to grow business:-
Effective utilization of the technology with innovation provide better products and improved services to the clients.
At Afleo, we understand that the technology is not just important in day to day business it also help to achieve growth and success in company. Strong digital presence is essential nowadays for business Operation it is very much important simply for survival too.

At Afleo, we use the following technologies

  • We use software to reduce costs and provide improved services to our clients
  • We use Digital Technologies for effective Marketing
  • We use Mobile Technologies

Use of Software to reduce costs and provide improved services to our clients:-
“The Business Changes. The technology changes. The team changes. The team members change. The problem isn’t change, per se, because change is going to happen, the problem, rather, is the inability to cope with change when it comes. Times are changing and so should we.
Every Industry is going through a major business model and a Technology oriented disruption. Our role as business leaders is to understand the strategic implications of digital transformation, lead the way forward and implement our vision for the future of our business.
On similar lines and having a futuristic vision, we have developed a Sofware named MEIS Audit Tool.
We are proud to announce that We are the only DGFT Consultant to have developed a Software for “Auditing of Shipping Bills under various schemes including the following –

Below are the screenshots given of the tool for better understanding:-


An Average Exporter has anywhere between 25-100 Shipping Bills generated each Financial Year. Sometimes it may happen that we forget to file claim for some of the shipping bills and unfortunately we realize it after it gets expired.
Manual handling of shipping bills only in Excel leads to errors and loss of benefits.
So How to make sure we have filed claim for all the shipping bills?
Our Online software solves this problem. It is built to ensure that Clients should not loose any benefit and claim for all the shipping bills is filed in time.
It can be used for Audit Purpose at end of each FY.

Salient Features of our Sofware:

  • Each Client would be given a Login id and password to access the tool.
  • After each License is issued, Afleo Team will upload the details of application in the software.
  • After logging in, you can see a report of all the shipping Bills for which claim is already filed by Afleo Team and you have received the benefit.
  • The Report will have following entries – SB No. & Date, Invoice No. & Date, Scheme Name, Amount Received, Application File Number, etc.
  • You can compare this report with the entire data you have and easily determine as to which shipping bills are still pending to be claimed.
  • If you do not want to check manually, You can upload the entire list of shipping bill for each FY and the software will generate the Pendency report automatically. You will also have the option to download & e-mail the report to Boss.
  • Many other functionalities.
  • Automatic Monthly report of all Applications filed to Boss & Manager.

Mobile Technologies:
Advancement in this technology have contributed to the increasing number of people working outside the traditional office.
We use Mobile Technology to give a significant boost to productivity and efficiency it allow us to complete wide range of tasks from virtually any locations
We mobilise our workforce via technology which help our business to make all important savings which are required for business growth and maximise the profits with employees working from outside office , savings can be made on physical space and the cost maintaining a big office.
If the decision maker of the company are smart about his or her investments in technology adopting a right solutions for specific needs then growth becomes easier for him or her.

Digital Marketing
At Afleo we use Digital marketing technologies to accelerate business growth which allow us to reach a wider audience and build good relationship with our clients.
We are aware about how to utilise digital technologies for maximum impact with limited marketing budget.
We have an effective website which is user friendly
Mobile responsive optimised for search engines
We keep our clients updated by sending regular updates through email marketing
We also post latest information on our Social Media like facebook

About the Author – Mr Keval Shah (Founder & CEO of Afleo Consultants)



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