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Krafton Acquired Subnautica Studio Unknown Worlds

Krafton, Inc. has acquired the developer Unknown Worlds the creator of Subnautica. The acquisition emphasis on creating immersive worlds and new experiences. Subnautica, the creator of Unknown Worlds, wants a new game to bring to the world stage, and for Krafton it is a big step forward. The studio has a proven ability to create immersive experiences that appeal to gamers around the world, and this latest acquisition should help Krafton expand its intellectual property and diversify the company’s wide range of breakthrough games. The creators of Subnautica want to bring a new game world to the stage, so this is a big step forward for the publisher and developer.

Krafton Subnautica

Credit @ Unknown Worlds

The new game and the new game from Unknown Worlds as a whole will help Krafton expand its intellectual property and diversify its portfolio of breakthrough games, the publisher said. The post ends with a sneak peek of what’s to come from the new studio: Unknown Worlds will act as an independent game development studio owned by Krafton and will continue to support the 2 Subnautica games. Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the developers of the Subnautica series and Krafton’s parent company PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, will be the sixth independent studio to join other developers like Strike Distance Studios, Bluehole Studios, Risingwing, and Dreammotion.

The studio will continue to act as an independent developer and its current human resources and leadership structure will remain the same. The current team of the Unknown Worlds team will guide the studio and work on future projects, including new genre-defining games that are released in Early Access later this next year and will support them. Subnautica will retain its independence and genre-defining titles are planned for 2022 and beyond.

Unknown Worlds says they will continue to function as independent game development studios while the current management structure of the studios remains intact. The acquisition was announced Friday by Unknown Worlds, creator of Subnautica: The Game and its sequels. Krafton says Unknown Worlds will continue to operate as an independent game development studio owned by the company, and its structure and leadership will stay in place.

Krafton Subnautica

Credit @ Unknown Worlds

This makes it the sixth developer under the company umbrella. Krafton is also the company behind Strike Distance, the studio that develops the Callistos protocol, a sci-fi horror game by Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield and set in the PUBG universe. Krafton will also be known for the upcoming Callisto protocol. As the gaming industry grows faster than ever, many indie studios see the benefits of joining larger conglomerates. But as the industry moves forward, they may find value in being part of a larger conglomerate.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment, series developer of the Subnautica series Unknown Worlds Entertainment will become the sixth in-house studio of parent company PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Krafton, joining other developers such as Bluehole Studios, Dreammotion, PUBG Studios, Risingwings, and Striking Distance Studios. Krafton, the holding company behind Playerunknowns Battlefields announced the acquisition on their website.

Today’s announcement also confirmed that Unknown Worlds is working on a new genre-defining game to be released in Early Access later this next year. After Krafton takes over Unknown Worlds, it will be interesting to see how the visions of the two companies intertwine for the new game.

Krafton Subnautica

Credit @ Unknown Worlds

Video games are just one part of Krafton’s long-term strategy. After the success of the games from the South Korean parent company PUBG Studios, Krafton Inc. announced that it had acquired Unknown Worlds Entertainment and added the studio to the company’s IP list. The company announces that the acquisition continues its strategy of expanding and securing top-class talent under the umbrella of the studios.

Krafton, developer of the world-famous Battle Royale titles PUBG and Battlegrounds, is taking a huge step in the game industry by buying bigger companies for its expansion. Callisto Protocol is heading for the next step in the PUBg universe, but Krafton’s acquisition of Subnautica, the developer of Unknown Worlds, is interesting.

One of the most notable is Callisto Protocol, a sci-fi horror game set in the PUBG universe and developed by Strike Distance Studios, a former Dead Space developer. Although it sounds a bit absurd, one of these games set in a virtual world has already been announced. Strike Distance is one of the aforementioned teams, which also includes co-developers from the Dead Space series, and will be responsible for the game, which is scheduled for release in 2022.

“They will not only strengthen our development capacities but also share the goal of creating unique experiences for viewers in these worlds”. In recent years, Krafton has owned large companies to create huge gaming content for players. Although many independent companies have partnered with them, they have always focused on investing in developers who are focused on creating innovative content for players.



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