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League Of Legends Gets A New Music Video For Arcane Featuring Imagine Dragons

Riot Games has released a new music video for the upcoming Arcane animated series. The video features a composition by Imagine Dragons and JID entitled “Enemies”. Music group Imagine Dragons has shared the Arcane soundtrack together with a spectacular video clip featuring scenes from the animated series in collaboration with JID. The song Enemy of the Imagine Dragons” by JID is the title song for the official music video of the Arcane animated series, which includes characters from the series such as Vi and Jinx.

Arcane Imagine Dragons

Credit @ Riot Games

As the animated series prepares to arrive on Netflix, a new look at the upcoming animated series has arrived. Arcane, the animated league of legends series on Netflix, has a new music video starring an original song of Imagine Dragons and J.I.D. To fuel the hype, Riot Games has released a new music video with Imagine Dragons, a band very much familiar with the League of Legends universe.

Their new track “Enemy”, produced by JID for the Netflix series Arcane: League of Legends brings the musical artist to life in the animated world and provides an insight into Powell’s evolution from an innocent young girl to a fan favorite of the loose cannon Jinx. The video features Imagine Dragons and JID’s animated characters, as well as an insight into Powell’s transformation from an innocent young girl to fan-favorite Loose Cannon and Jinx respectively. The music video gives viewers not only a look at the show’s unique animation style but also offers a fascinating insight into Powell. Fans can see Jinx sitting and playing with a wild monkey in the video.

The teaser clip shows a young Jinx, whose song title alludes to the relationship between her and the Lega character Vi. Little Jinx stares sadly as the rearing monkey comes to life and begins to approach her. Concerned, the young Jinx, who sits down to play with a parent monkey (the same one she played in her “Jinxed” music video), watches as the monkey comes to life and begins to approach her.

The song is a three-and-a-half-minute track with vocals by Imagine Dragons, the band behind the hit Riot Game. It takes place during the events of League Of Legends, when the wealthy city of Piltover and the seedy underbelly of the fence get into tension and escalate, while the city finds a way to harness the magical energy of Hextech, while the underbellies develop a drug called “Shimmer,” which turns humans into monsters.

Arcane will release the first episodes on November 6 at 7: 00 PM PT / 10: 00 PM ET on Netflix. On November 6, the first three episodes of Arcane will be broadcast on Netflix, with three new episodes appearing each week. Riot Games will Develop and Produce the series and the animation will be done by Fortiche Productions in Paris, France.

The new music video, which features JID’s original song “Imagine Dragons,” features key scenes of disputes between Jinx, her sister Vi and a relationship that seems to play an important role in ArcaneHistory. While the focus is, as expected, on Imagine Dragons, the band’s music video takes a back seat to Vi, Jinx’s sister, who grew up an orphan in Fence Bad Street. The scenes in which Jinx and her friends run away from the police and engage in street battles underscore the contrast between Jinx’s despair at the terrorist she has become and the band’s entire history.

Arcane Imagine Dragons

Credit @ Riot Games

Music has always been a big part of riot games like League of Legends, so it’s no surprise that the studio has planned a music video for their upcoming show Arcane. Netflix has done a really great job with most of its series adaptations and combined with Riot’s preference for killer music and crazy level stylistic animation I think that Arcane will be fantastic.

What better way to build excitement for the new song than with the highly anticipated Netflix series Arcane, and Riot Games teased the song in a series of short, 15-second trailers. The video is a clip for the upcoming League of Legends-inspired animated Netflix series from Arcaneriot Games and features some exciting scenes that fans can look forward to when the upcoming Arcane is released on November 6 on Netflix. The video shows an animated J.I.D rapping his Lightspeed verse. It is a clip that serves as a preview of the series and the scenes it will show, as we have indicated above.

The official soundtrack playlist for the upcoming Netflix animated series Arcane features an array of incredible artists and bands from different genres. Imagine Dragons were formed in 2009 and revealed their politically charged and inventive sensibilities in a series of released EPs that brought them a grassroots movement. The studio wants to prove its animation talent with Riot’s new song “Enemy” for the Netflix series Arcane. The clip above and the clip below merge their real Imagine Dragons material with the band animating their arcane characters.






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