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Krafton Teased PUBG Mobile India Launch On YouTube, Video Now Deleted

Krafton Teased PUBG Mobile India Launch On YouTube, Video Now Deleted

PUBG Mobile India

Krafton’s official YouTube channel teased the launch of the currently banned mobile game PUBG Mobile India on its official channel. Krafton, the developer of PUBG Mobile, deleted the official video of its India launch video and deleted it just one day after it was uploaded.

A six-second video teaser was posted on YouTube but was taken down shortly afterward. Some Eagle-Eyed users on the internet managed to get see it.

The teaser video reportedly did not reveal the launch date of the game, but the wait was quite long. The mobile game was first announced in October last year, while the first official video teaser for the mobile version of the game was released in India in November last year. While the teaser touted the arrival of “PUBG Mobile India” as “soon,” it did not reveal details about the release date or other details about the upcoming game.

This means that the developer can announce the launch of PUBG in India soon enough. After all, in March it was reported that Krafton had received a green light from the government that PUBG can be released in India.

Since then, several reports have claimed that the hugely popular game could be returning to the country. Twitter users were able to watch the new teaser, which was added to PUBG Mobile India’s YouTube channel before it was made private. There are rumors that PUBG mobile could soon launch in India and not only for India but also for other countries.

While the developer of PUBG has not yet made an official announcement about the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India, it is speculated that it could be launched again soon. The possibility of a return of the game is growing, but there is no official word yet from the developer on the start date or other details about it.

The game has also behaved badly in India, receiving backlash for its violent content, while safety issues have been a major reason for its banning in recent months due to the content of the game.

The game content of PUBG Mobile India is tailored and improved to local needs, while various aspects of the game have been adapted for Indian players.

To reduce the violence of the game, the developers have announced a slimmed-down game called “PUBG Mobile India.” The idea is to offer a healthier gaming experience than the original game. Children don’t have to work for hours on the game, but for adults, it’s more of a fun game.

We have yet to see what the new game will look like, however, as no gameplay has been revealed yet. It’s unclear what was shown in the teaser and the company has not said a word about it.




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